All You Need to Know About Chloé Perfumes

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All You Need to Know About Chloé Perfumes


What is Chloé About?

Chloé is a French fashion house that was founded in 1952, by the talented designer Gaby Aghion. Gaby Aghion was originally born in Egypt, she then moved to Paris where, she founded Chloé only a few years later. Chloé’s first releases were strictly women’s clothing that were high end and coined the phrase “ready-to-wear” fashion. Ready-to-wear clothing in other words means, the clothing comes in standard sizes that require no tailoring to fit the shape of your body. Their first perfume “Chloé” was released in 1975, created by the designer Karl Lagerfield who has worked with brands such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

Chloé exclusively makes products that have been marketed to women, that includes fragrances. The majority of their perfumes are very feminine sweet floral scents that are inoffensive and crowd pleasing. The price range of Chloé perfumes are nothing too crazy. Perfumes range from $25 to $105 with both priced fragrances being great choices. So if you are looking for a new feminine fragrance that doesn’t break the bank Chloé has some great options to choose from.

Below I will give my reviews of various Chloé perfumes that are the most popular. Some of them have been duds that haven’t lived up to their potential in my opinion and some are real winners.

Let me know which Chloé perfume is your favorite.

Chloé’s Most Popular Perfumes

The Original “Chloé” Made by Karl Lagerfeld

The perfume that started it all. This one was created by the well-known designer Karl Lagerfeld after being asked by the founder of Chloé to join the team. It has a nostalgia factor to it, this is due to the outdated smell that was popular in 1975 when it was first released. Older men have said this takes them back to high school when their high school sweetheart wore this perfume. It is a dated perfume but, the right mature woman could still rock this.

The main notes that I have got from this is tuberose and peach, it had a slight hint of cedar as well. Its projection is on the heavy side with a powerful blast of tuberose that will not be hidden. The longevity is also good, lasting you from 8 to 10 hours on only a couple of sprays to your pulse points, these are on your neck, wrists, and behind the ears.

Chloé Love

This one was sadly discontinued from the original formula which is a crime against humanity. The perfume was feminine powdery and floral scent that was addicting. The lilac and iris are the real nose-punchers in this perfume, you will instantly smell them upon spraying it. The perfume I linked supposedly has the original formula but it seems like a gamble to me so I would try to find it in person.

The performance of this perfume is one of the better performers in the Chloé line of perfumes. It can last up to 12 hours on a few sprays with a projection that will let everyone know what you wearing, if you wanted to. It is a more modern fragrance from the one above that has a bigger base of fans who are praying it comes back.

See by Chloé

A simple yet amazing perfume with a note of apple blossom leading the pack in its make-up. The deep apple smell rides strong throughout the whole duration of the perfume which usually lasts from 6 to 8 hours. It is not the cheap apple smell that you find from candy or body sprays, it has a depth to it that is fresh and unique.

A main stream and crowd pleasing perfume that has a hard time finding someone who dislikes it. It gets complimented regularly and asked what you are wearing. It is a fragrance for any age group, the sweetness has been toned down and added a perfect balance of maturity to make it a go-to for any age. The projection is on the moderate side and is not too over the top.

Chloé Narcisse

This one is a no from me. It is strong and cloying perfume with spices and apricot notes to make your nose scrunch up. The performance is unbelievably powerful, you could smell this on someone around a corner 50 feet away. Some people have said it made them nauseous and gag it smelled so horrendous.

Maybe the tastes have changed since the 90’s but I find it hard to believe this was once a very popularly worn perfume. Fragrance is never objectively bad or good but this gets as close to bad as I have dealt with so far. Save the $50 on this one and choose something with a little more grace to its smell.

Chloé Roses De Chloé

A rose perfume lovers dream. A sophisticated rose scent that smells as if it was picked straight from a rose bush on a rainy summer day. A hint of musk to it that balances it out perfectly. Chloé Roses De Chloé has been described as the perfect rose perfume and is considered the gold standard for rose perfumes by the fragrance community. It also does not have the typical smell considered “grandma” that is usually associated with rose based perfumes.

It is a light and fresh perfume that is perfect for any age range. The performance is one of the lightest that have been released by Chloé, but I can’t complain. It is a perfect day time perfume that lasts around 6 hours before dying down and becoming sweet and soft. This one is my favorite to come from Chloé. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Chloé Fleur de Parfum

This one isn’t “popular” but I still decided to throw this in because it is not given enough love. It starts as a zingy citrus perfume that tones down into a more delicate perfume with rose and cherry blossom. The verbena can be a little intense for some people which makes this one a love or hate perfume.

The performance is very soft and delicate with projection being light and refreshing. This makes it a perfect perfume for summer or spring when you are out during the day. The longevity while last you about 6 hours. This perfume isn’t known for its amazing performance, but its unique and refreshing scent.

Chloé Eau de Parfum

A favorite for a lot of people, Chloé bases a lot of their new releases on this classic. It is a powdery and rose based perfume that is both elegant and daring. It has a sweet fruit dry down that adds sweetness to this beautifully balanced perfume. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one it’s light and inoffensive.

The projection is moderate with a perfect balance for either day or night scenarios. It lasts around 12 hours which is more than enough time to let its aroma have its effect. If I had to choose from this and Chloé Roses De Chloé, I would still choose Chloé Roses De Chloé. This one has its place but it is not Chloé’s best perfume on the market now.



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