What is the Best Antiperspirant for Hyperhidrosis?


What is the Best Antiperspirant for Hyperhidrosis


Living with Hyperhidrosis

Even famous celebrities like international action star Tom Cruise suffer from excessive sweating. Check out this list of celebrities who suffer from excessive sweating.

You know the feeling. You just got selected to make a presentation in front of the class or at your workplace. While you are being introduced you are worrying about your dreaded sweat stains being visible.

You are not alone. Hyperhidrosis has hidden effects to things like your confidence and self-esteem. I’ve dealt with it and Hyperhidrosis effects nearly 8 million U.S citizens on a daily basis.

Depending on the severity of your case the treatments range from basic antiperspirants to invasive surgeries requiring anesthesia and large medical bills.

It can effect multiple parts of the body mainly places such as the underarms, palms, and bottoms of the feet.

Excessive sweating can also be caused by medical problems not yet diagnosed such as thyroid problems, diabetes, or heart disease. Talk with your doctor about your excessive sweating if you haven’t done so already.


Using Antiperspirants

Antiperspirant is always the first line of defense in solving your Hyperhidrosis issue. It is non-invasive and is cost efficient. Sometimes the struggles end there and you no longer have issues with sweating. Others are not so lucky, it may require things such as Botox or microwave therapy to keep the sweat from coming back.

This article is to help you start off your fight to end your excessive sweating. I would be lying if I said that these antiperspirants were guaranteed to stop your Hyperhidrosis. These antiperspirants do however, have science backed ingredients that have worked for thousands of individuals dealing with issues similar to you.

The strength of the antiperspirant can go from a low percentage of aluminum chloride like 5% to a prescription strength of over 20% aluminum chloride.

Below is a list of the best antiperspirants for Hyperhidrosis


Best Antiperspirants for Hyperhidrosis


Dry Idea Roll-On Antiperspirant

A proven antiperspirant with up to 72 hours of protection which is more than enough time if you ask me. It contains 16% of aluminum ziconium to keep your sweat glands shut, keeping you fresh all day long. The antiperspirant is unscented so it can be paired with your favorite perfume or cologne without being interrupted.

When applying this make sure you already have your shirt on. It can leave white streaks on the sides of your shirt when you are putting it on which is never pleasant. This one is what I recommend first when someone comes to me and explains their issues with excessive sweating.


Odaban Antiperspirant Spray

A powerful antiperspirant for those who need a little more strength with 20% alumimum chloride in a silicone and pure alcohol base. This one is spray on, and it is needed to sprayed before you go to bed. This will let the aluminum do its magic and show the sweat glands, who is boss.

You might think it’s a joke when it states to apply it only 2 or 3 times a week maximum. You will get why when you first start using it, it is that powerful and effective. It is suitable for all skin types and give zero irritation to your underarms. It can also be easily applied for people with excessive sweat on their hands as well.



ZeroSweat Antiperspirant

ZeroSweat antiperspirant has made some very bold claims when it comes to their product. They claim to guarentee it will last 7 days straight on one application. I’m not saying that couldn’t be true on some rare occasions but I find that hard to believe. ZeroSweat has stated they have a formula “blocker” to stop it from being washed off.

Now that I have given my opinion on their claims, let’s list some specifics. It contains 15% aluminum chloride, the least amount from all of the antiperspirants on this list. It is roll-on with a clear liquid base for no stains on your shirts. Give it a shot, it might be a miracle worker compared to the others for you


SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes

These are a unique product in the antiperspirant industry. They come in individual wipes like the wet wipes you get from a restaurant. These are a perfect on the go option when you need something to keep your sweat in check. You can stash these in your purse or in your wallet whenever you need them.

You apply these at night before bed when your sweat glands are less active. These have been dermatologist tested to ensure you are getting what it claims to do. They contain clinical strength levels of aluminum, the same amount can be found when you get a prescription from a dermatologist. I would recommend still using a deodorant as well to fight odor and keep you smelling fresh.


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