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Best Colognes for High School Students

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Best Colognes for High School Students


How to Stand Out in High School

Oh high school… the years of trying to figure out who you are. You are going through one of the biggest transformations of your life. Anybody who has graduated high school knows the difference from freshman to a senior year. You will look back and just shake your head from some of the things you have done or said as a freshman.

I shake my head as well thinking back to the choices I had made relating to fragrance. Nobody explains things like what colognes to wear during summer or how many sprays you should be doing. I was spraying myself 6 times each morning with a incredibly pungent fragrance known as Gravity by Coty.

I was asked “do you smoke cigarettes?” by multiple people who got a smell of my cologne in class… I do not smoke.

I’m here to help you avoid these mistakes I went through. I will give you the perfect colognes to wear in a class room setting. These colognes should be light and refreshing with notes that are inoffensive. You will be in close quarters with people all day long in class, a strong cologne will drive them insane.

I will also give you the perfect colognes for parties you go to during your high school career. These will be more outgoing and powerful to get everyone’s attention. If you take these suggestions standing out from the crowd of Axe Body Sprays and body odor will be easy.

Let’s check out which colognes to wear in the classroom first.

Classroom Colognes

L’Homme by Prada

One of the best school/office fragrances ever made. It is the perfect safe bet if you cannot come up with an idea on what to wear. It has a fresh soap-like fragrance, keeping you smelling clean all day long. This is a consistent compliment getting fragrance… from personal experience. Starting off conversations just from a cologne I sprayed on the neck twice.

It gives off the impression you got your life together… even if you don’t.

Its composition is almost flawless, a perfectly balanced fragrance. It’s hard to find a negative part of this fragrance. You can tell the amount of hours it took to make. It can be worn anywhere at any time no matter the weather or what your style is.

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

This is for the guys who are little more daring, looking for a slightly bolder option. The fragrance notes are perfect for any time of the year. It has notes such as cranberry and coffee, which will definitely turn heads more than the safe fragrances that smell like a bar of soap.

This fragrance will get compliments like crazy, but you need to know how much to spray. Too much and people will be gasping for air because all they can smell is that cologne. Too little and people won’t even notice you have anything on, which is a waste of cologne.

The one negative of this cologne is the longevity. It will only last you a mere 2-4 hours when you spray it. Some things you can do to get around this are, spraying it on your clothing, bringing the bottle in your backpack, or buying the “intense” version.

Ralph Lauren lives up to his name in this bold fragrance.

L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

A fresh masculine fragrance that you can’t go wrong with. The smell will not offend anyone and I’ve received comments such as ” you smell really nice” and “what are you wearing?”. It’s the best cologne for encounters that are up close where you don’t need to catch someones attention 6 feet away.

The notes are spicy and refreshing with things such as ginger, lemon, and cedar wood. These may not sound manly but just wait until you spray it, it will change your mind. You will feel like you can chop down a tree with an ax and hand fight a grizzly bear.

The performance isn’t the greatest but it will do the job. It will last around 6-8 hours, which is when school gets out. You will just need a couple sprays to the neck and wrists, perfect to last throughout the school day.

The cologne can be worn anytime during the year without any problems.

Looking for a more sophisticated option? This one is for you.


Party Colognes

Eros by Versace

The classic party fragrance that will never go out of style. It’s not the most unique fragrance, but the compliments will be constant throughout the night. It is a masculine mint and vanilla scent that will project very well in a party environment. Eros is a cologne that you can wear up until your 40’s if you want.

It can be worn at any time during the year, but I would recommend it for cold days during the winter and summer during the night.

The performance is what you would expect from a powerful club fragrance, its projection will knock your sense of smell out if you aren’t careful with the amount of sprays you apply. The longevity will last you all night no matter how many clubs you go to in one night you can trust it to last as long as you want. It has been said to sometimes last up to 24 hours which is more than enough.

La Nuit L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a superstar company in the fragrance industry. They constantly put out good products that become staples in collections around the world. La Nuit is the favorite of women out of all the colognes on this list. The masculine aroma matched with the freshness of lavender make this a perfect scent.

This is for the high school student who is getting close to the end, junior year to senior year. This is a rare fragrance you can wear throughout your life and it will fit perfectly with your lifestyle. You can also wear it throughout college and into your professional life.

It can be worn in any season throughout the year without a problem. It is just an all-around great cologne that is for guys looking for a timeless masculine cologne.

Bleu De Chanel by Chanel

An incredible smelling cologne that is the first cologne I recommend to friends. Competitors have tried multiple times to recreate this cologne without avail. A unique cologne that cannot be replicated. It is fresh, spicy, and classy all in one amazing cologne. If you are a senior in high school and looking for a more sophisticated choice, Bleu De Chanel is for you.

It should be worn during the summer time and only a few occasions during the winter. I would only wear this in a venue that is inside where it is climate controlled. Bleu De Chanel doesn’t have the projection for the cold of winter, it will just disappear.

Give it a shot, this has been my go-to for years and it has yet to fail me.


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