The Best First Date Perfumes for Women

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Dating and Perfume

Going on dates can be a very nerve-wracking experience, putting yourself out there and the possibility the other person does not like something about you. This can be for whatever reason. As for all things in dating, not everyone will agree with your choice in perfumes, and it isn’t your fault. Everyone smells things differently and puts more focus on some notes more than others. In this article, I will be giving what I think are safe bets and a few more daring picks when picking the best first date perfumes.

Smell is a potent memory trigger that will have people thinking about you if the fragrance was memorable to them. Human’s sense of smell hasn’t changed from what we had 1,000’s of years ago and will subconsciously change the perception of someone from how they smell to you. This is even without you realizing it. Making the right choices when choosing a perfume will check off a box right from the start on what the other person will like about you.

The main choices in notes you want to make for dating fragrances depends of course on things like what weather is like, your age, and how daring you want to be. For younger women, they enjoy sweeter fragrances with main notes of things like vanilla or soft floral for older women things like dark chocolate or more mature floral like rose. See what works for you and your overall style because you know yourself better than anyone.


Top 7 List of The Best First Date Perfumes


7. Bamboo by Gucci

A fresh fragrance that is not overly soap or citrus-scented with sensual floral undertones. It’s incredibly safe and inoffensive to wear during any season of the year. The centerpiece of Casablanca Lily leaves a light and airy scent with a moderate projection. The projection allows only people who are close enough to experience its feminine aroma.

I will be honest; this one smells quite good but very generic and mass appealing. It does not smell like bamboo whatsoever. It’s more of a floral with a hint of citrus. The longevity is one of its strong suits, lasting you anywhere from 10 to 12 hours on even the hottest summer days. This will be a safe, appealing scent for your date but not blow them away.

6. Café Rose by Tom Ford

Café Rose is apart of Tom Ford’s intriguing private blends that have released staples such as Tobacco Vanille and Tuscan Leather. The private blend lines uniqueness stays alive in Café Rose. It is a smoky, rich, coffee, and rose fragrance that work perfectly in unison together. Rose is usually associated with older women, this perfume is not the case. It has a dark twist on a rose that any age could wear and be a perfect fit.

The performance of this perfume is what you should expect from Tom Ford; it has powerful projection and lasts you 12+ hours. This perfume is more on the daring side for dating. The strength of it and the notes can be overbearing to someone with a sensitivity to fragrances. This is more for the second and third dates when you know the person more.


5. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

This fresh perfume is perfect for younger women who are a fan of sweet floral scents. It is a relaxed perfume that keeps things youthful and light without being forceful. It evokes imagery of a sunny spring day where you are lying in the meadows looking up at the clouds without a care in the world. The pronounced wild strawberry that does not smell cheap on the top note is a rarity in perfumes.

This perfume is a light, inoffensive perfume that is recommended often for a good reason. It is mass appealing and is almost a sure thing; the other person will love it on you. The performance is very different from the previous perfume, it is very soft in projection, and the longevity is about 4 to 6 hours.


4. Hypnotic Poison by Dior

An old classic seductive perfume that is very well-balanced, not overpowering, and is continuously grabbing compliments. Released in 1998,  Annick Menardo crafted this perfume with fresh and vibrant smelling vanilla, sweet toasted almond, and coconut. Hypnotic Poison is recommended for mostly women going to-night clubs or parties. Wearing this during the day would feel out-of-place, but I think the right person could pull it off.

The performance on this classic was nothing short of amazing; it lasted 20+ hours, even after taking a shower. The projection is heavy, and you need to find the right balance to keep from being too over the top. If you are looking for a new perfume to use to get the attention of your night-time date, Hypnotic Poison is for you.

3. Chance by Chanel

Chanel released the Eau de Parfum version of Chance in 2010, after the significant success of the previous versions. Chance has been a timeless classic ever since it was first released on the market. Jacques Polge made this classy and sophisticated fragrance. The opening is a very earthy cedar wood and musk that transitions to a fresh grapefruit with Quice (a sacred fruit in Greece that’ smell profile is between an apple and a pear).

The projection of this is on the light side with the perfume sitting close to the skin. It should last you around 4 to 6 hours, long enough to have a good night out.

2. Guerlain Mon Guerlain by Guerlain

Jacques Guerlain always said, ” We create perfumes for the women we admire,” and this one is a scent for a very distinguished woman. It is a soft vanilla and lavender perfume that is a constant compliment grabber. Going in exciting directions with notes of herbal, gourmand, and fresh. It is inoffensive, and I can almost guarantee your date will love it from the moment they smell it.

The performance is one of its strong suits, with one spray of it lasting upwards of 12 hours. The projection is moderate and finds finding a perfect in-between of not too strong or too light. The projection might be underwhelming to some if the climate you live in is very hot, and as a result, it might cut some of its strength down.

1. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

Finally, the number one perfume for dating is La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. This has been continuously recommended for years ever since its release in 2012 with perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion, and Anne Flipo. This one opens with vanilla and praline; it transitions into pear and black currant. This perfume has been getting increasingly popular with more women wearing it, don’t let this deter you from trying out this beautiful sweet perfume with patchouli that gives it a bite.

The performance of this one of the stronger ones in this list. The projection is heavy; it will project to anybody in a 6-foot radius. As a result, it is perfect for the date sitting across from you at the restaurant or sitting next to you at the movies. You will never have to worry about the longevity of this perfume; it can last up to 16 hours on two sprays. As a result, this perfume has everything you need for the perfect choice when deciding on what to wear on an important date.


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