Best Women’s Perfumes for Work

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Perfume Habits at the Office

Super Sillage Sally

This is the woman who goes way overboard to the point of nausea. You just got called in to do a meeting with her and the smell is blocking you from thinking of anything else. You do not need to be able to smell yourself at all times for a fragrance to be doing its job. Ask your friend or a colleague you trust, what they think. You might just find out people have been having a rough time with the amount of perfume you have been wearing.

Wrong Choice Perfumes

Perfume choices in the office should take research and testing to find out what works for you. But, the general advice is to not wear something that you would wear when going to the club, keep it light and refreshing to smell. Nothing overly sweet or too out of the box, the type where it’s either hated or loved by the perfume crowd. Look for something with projection that is soft to moderate that leaves you with a fresh smell that is like you just got out of the shower.

The Informed Buyer

This is the person who has taken their time to research perfumes online to know what is appropriate in the workplace. They have made trips to fragrance outlets to do tests to make sure it is the perfect fragrance for them. They know how their skin chemistry reacts to fragrance and after trial and error, they found the perfect amount of sprays. People may not recognize the amount of effort you put in to find that perfect fragrance. It will show in your results at work that you didn’t just pick a random one on the clearance rack.

Top 10 Best Women’s Perfumes for Work

10. Florabotanica by Balenciaga

To start off the list I am recommending the fresh,minty, and green perfume Florabotanica by Balenciaga. The mint in this fragrance is subtle and welcoming without being harsh like peppermint or toothpaste. The rose is a realistic rose-bush like smell after being lessened by the rain in the spring time. The note of cannabis in perfumes is the first time I’ve seen this and can be hard to recognize for some. It is not too pungent and works surprisingly well.

The projection is on the moderate side and won’t have people noticing your perfume all the time, but that’s what you want at the office. The longevity is perfect for the work day, lasting you 8 to 12 hours. If you are a fan of green/earthy perfumes that are soft and subtle with a uniqueness of cannabis and mint, this is for you.

9. Envy Me by Gucci

This perfume released in 2004 by Gucci has a lot of different notes going on in it. This one has been described as it being the popular girl in circa 2004 if it was a person. It is a very fruity perfume that has kick of pepper in it, the dry down on the skin is musky with hint of rose as well. The age range I would recommend this to is the 20 to 25-year-old just getting started in their career and looking for something youthful.

The projection of this perfume is moderate, which is the perfect amount when working in a close quarters place such as an office. The longevity will last you around 4 to 6 hours and will probably require you to spray yourself again during lunch break. Overall, this is a young woman’s perfume that is sweet and inviting but not what the CEO would be wearing.

8. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

This one smells like a tropical vacation spot on the beach in a bottle, laying on a towel drinking a fresh squeezed lemonade. The perfume opens with musk and cedar, it then transitions to a beautiful combination of apple and lemon. It is a perfect classy and elegant perfume to wear during summer at the office. This one is unique in that people have been saying the smell is very different from person to person. One person it smells very good and another it smells like disinfectant wipes. This is caused by the chemistry of the individuals skin.

The performance is for wearing it at the office in the heat of summer. The projection is on the soft side but, it will increase whenever you are in hot weather. The longevity is one of its disadvantages, it will last you about 4 to 6 hours. You will have to spray it again some time throughout the day at the office.

7. Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy

Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy is a step away from their normal perfumes that are dark, intense, and very bold. It is a light, fresh, and classy perfume that most people would have never guessed came from Givenchy. The main notes in this perfume are rose and different versions of citrus such as lemon or tangerine. The tangerine dulls the sharpness of the rose for a perfect blend that was crafted by Francois Demanchy. Francois described this creation as “an imaginary rose in dewy morning”.

The performance stays with the theme of the other 9 in this list. It has a moderate projection that is a perfect in between too strong or too weak. The longevity is perfect to last the whole day at work without fail. This one is for any age range from the up and comer to the office manager who worked her way up.

6. Manifesto by Yves Saint Laurent

This fragrance is an anomaly in the perfume world, notes that shouldn’t work together, but they do. It’s fresh but also has powder element to it that balances it out. It has green notes but is also creamy, which is not normal. It seems to be very messy but also classy at the same time. The main notes are vanilla and tonka beans as well sandalwood and lime. This one is very hard to explain and only you can experience it to determine if the vanilla with the woodsy notes works for you.

The performance is also something people cannot agree on. In my opinion it has a moderate projection that is perfect for the office. In some people’s opinions it has an enormous projection. The longevity will last you around 8 to 12 hours, but I would only wear this during the winter months because of its notes. I would not blind buy this one because of the major difference in opinions that people have.

5. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

This powerhouse was released in 2001 with perfumer Jacques Polge creating this masterpiece. This is the ultimate fragrance, it’s fresh, citrusy, with a hint of minty patchouli. It is a constant complement getter with its amazing performance that is unlike any other on this list. You might need to tone down the sprays on this one, its projection can be very strong if you over do the sprays.

The longevity is better than any of the others on this list. It will last you anywhere from 16 hours to even a full 24 hours no matter what you do. I listed this one as number 5 because of its popularity in everyday life. You always seem to smell someone who is wearing it no matter where you go, it’s that popular. If you aren’t worried about smelling like somebody else this is the perfect fragrance to wear.


4. Prada La Femme by Prada

A sophisticated tuberose perfume that leaves a clean, just out of the shower smell. This is a perfect office perfume, you can also layer this one with a sweet more powerful perfume when going out at night. The performance of this is similar to the rest on the list. The longevity will last you around 4 to 6 hours. The projection is soft to moderate, it wont blow anybody away but with adjusting the amount of sprays you could get the perfect balance.

The sweet floral scent with a beeswax smell is a perfect subtle balance. This makes it a go-to office scent for many women who want to smell sophisticated but not too overpowering. It also has been said to take a couple of attempts to really get into the smell so do not send it back after the first try. Give it a good 3 or 4 attempts to see if the smell grows on you.

3. Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

This is a staple for people who love fresh, clean, green scents. This perfume is the step above wearing nothing at all. It is the perfect thing to wear if your workplace has strict policies for using fragrances. The green tea with citrus is very refreshing and perfect for a hot day in the summer. I had to recommend this perfume for a cheap alternative for something to wear at the office that is the most inoffensive fragrance on the list.

The performance is the main downside of this fragrance. The projection is the softest of any perfume I have smelled in a long time and you will need to give a good 5 to 6 sprays. The longevity is also a downside with people having this fragrance last only 1 hour sometimes. This shouldn’t deter you, it is still a good minimalist fragrance for a fragrance conscious office.

2. No.19 by Chanel

This perfume is the definition of a timeless classic. No.19 by Chanel was launched in 1970, it represented the founder Coco Chanel’s birthday that is August 19th. It is a super green perfume that just screams spring, with freshness of things like iris, oakmoss, and vetiver. This one is for the person in the CEO and manager roles,also an up a comer who is making their way to the top.

This is an impeccable perfume that I would recommend to anybody for any situation if price is not a worry. The performance is what to expect with a Chanel perfume, it will be projecting the fresh green scent for 16 hours+. The projection strength is in the perfect between stage with not being too strong or too week. Pick this classic up, describing it over the written word gives it no justice to this perfume that has stayed at the top for 50 years.

1. Tresor La Nuit by Lancome

Finally, at number 1 is La Nuit Tresor by Lancome. This is a fragrance with an amazing bottle design that does not sell it short and will last you forever. The sweetness that comes with this fragrance is not something that smells like cheap candles or candy, it has a richness and complexity to it. This is the boldest choice on this list because it’s not your typical scent profile, caramel and praline are a few to name.

The performance is something you need to harness to make it an office fragrance. The projection is on the moderate to heavy side and will just require a few less sprays than if you were going out. The longevity is also on the moderate side and will last you from 6 to 8 hours before it starts to mellow out on your skin. Overall, this fragrance is complex gourmand where a little goes a long way in terms of the sprays, so keep it light for the office. This can also be easily used as a night-out perfume.


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