Creed Silver Mountain Water Review

Creed Silver Mountain Water Review

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Creed Silver Mountain Water Review


The Creed Brand

The Creed fragrance brand is a family oriented, luxury, and exclusive brand build on a long history starting in 1760. They show this in their tagline “from father to son since 1760” which shows the family ties that have been involved in the Creed brand for over two centuries. Creed was in a small niche only known by the super rich and famous of society in the beginning, but has now become a popular fragrance brand for everyone.

The brand originally started when the founder, James Creed was asked to create a fragrance for King James lll. This caused the House of Creed to be opened in London, creating fragrances for people such as Queen Victoria. Today, Oliver Creed, and his son Erwin Creed run the brand with Oliver creating a cult classic “Green Irish Tweed” which is loved by countless people.

Mission Statement

Creed’s mission statement is “create highly original fragrances of extravagant quality” and it’s safe to say this brand has stayed true to that. They have become the trendsetters of the fragrance industry, always becoming the first to start a trend that continues for years. An example is the classic Creed Aventus which is one of their most famous fragrance’s. This cologne has caused at least 10 other brands to try and replicate the scent, sadly they haven’t been able to replicate it without the highest quality ingredients like Creed.

Creed is known for using the highest percentage of natural ingredients in the French perfume industry. The results speak for them self whenever you smell a Creed fragrance. It just has a different quality to it, compared to other fragrances you might have smelled. Oliver Creed is incredibly particular about what fragrances he puts out and won’t release a fragrance till he feels it is ready. Sometime taking up to 5 years just to release a new fragrance.

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Silver Mountain Water is a unisex fragrance that Creed introduced in 1995 by Oliver Creed. His inspiration for this fragrance is from his fondness of skiing in the Swiss Alps. He wanted to evoke the sparkling high mountain streams of water in the Swiss Alps.

The fragrance opens with a pairing of bergamot and mandarin orange, then you get into the heart of the fragrance. Green tea and black currant are the main stars of this fragrance. The fragrance dries down into the icy smell that evokes a feeling of sharp cold air that starts to take effect and transport you on the Swiss Alps. The pairing of notes creates a airy and uplifting scent, perfect for describing a day of skiing.

You can wear this fragrance in any scenario you can possibly be in. From a everyday fragrance to a formal fragrance that will be dressed up. I haven’t met a person on this earth who has disliked the smell of this fragrance. It is very crowd-pleasing and can be worn by men or women.

Scent Notes

  • Green Tea


  • Black Currant


  • Musk


  • Bergamot


  • Mandarin Orange



The performance is what you would expect from a Creed made fragrance. A longevity that is long-lasting and will give you a minimum of 12 hours of consistent projection. The projection is moderate, but I couldn’t imagine any other level of projection that would be as perfect as the level for this fragrance. You can leave a room and come back into it, smelling the fragrance just as powerful as you left it.

It has the ability to be both a day and night time cologne, with projection that can match either time of day. I would say it is a 20% night/80% day type of fragrance.

In conclusion, I would give the fragrance a 9/10 in terms of projection.

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Creed Silver Mountain Water Review

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