Midnight Fleur by Nest Fragrances

Hidden Gem Spotlight: Midnight Fleur by Nest Fragrances

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Hidden Gem Spotlight: Midnight Fleur by Nest Fragrances


Nest Fragrances

Nest is a fragrance company that crafts products from candles to body lotions. They are relatively new to the perfume scene with only 8 Eau de Parfum releases starting in 2013. Midnight Fleur was one of the first that Nest introduced, it was definitely a good first impression.Nest Fragrances

The founder, Laura Slatkin, is a true pioneer in the home fragrance industry. Her reputation in the industry is unparalleled and brings her own style to all of Nest’s products. She makes sure every product is, in her words a “extraordinary and exceptional fragrance”. She first created Nest fragrances to address a need in the market, authenticity. Having the expertise and experience that had been missing in the market for a long time.

If her fragrance skills didn’t impress you enough, she is a great person as well. She co-founded NEXT for AUTISM, an organization responsible for innovative programs for people with autism. These programs make life so much easier for these individuals and it is a great cause.

Now we are going to discuss the incredible perfume that started off Nest’s line of fragrances, Midnight Fleur.

Midnight Fleur

The fragrance that started it all. This was Nest’s first release in their fine fragrances line that was a big winner, in my opinion. A rich sweet floral scent with a seductive side to it. The star of the show, the rich vanilla orchid note. Sweet enough for all the gourmand perfume lovers out there. It also has enough earthy notes like black amber and patchouli to balance out.

The perfect woman for this perfume is comfortable in her own skin and not afraid to stand out. This is a very unique scent that can be too dark and sweet for some. It is the type of perfume you wear to a event with a long dress and a cocktail during the fall or winter time. It is a little too sweet for the summer time.

Only the woman with the right attitude can turn this into a summer perfume. Are you that woman?

Scent Notes

  • Vanilla Orchid


  • Black Amber


  • Patchouli


  • Exotic Woods


  • Jasmine


The performance of this fragrance is a component that makes Nest’s fragrances so great. You will not find a perfume in the fine fragrance collection that doesn’t last less than 12 hours. Its projection is nothing that is forceful and cloying. Its scent is what draws attention, not how powerful they can make it.

Elegance and class in a bottle. This perfume is what the founder envisioned when she was first creating the Nest brand.

Can’t wait for shipping? Midnight Fleur is also available in most Sephora stores in the U.S.

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Midnight Fleur by Nest Fragrances



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