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Hidden Gem Spotlight: Reflection Man by Amouage

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Reflection Man by Amouage


About the Amouage Brand

For the past 35 years, Amouage has been making its mark in the fragrance industry with unusual and high-quality fragrances. It is an international luxury brand that also produces items such as high-end soap and leather wallets. Amouage has four collections that are currently available named Mainline, Library, Midnight Flower, and Secret Garden. These collections all together currently come up to over 90 fragrances in total that Amouage has created.

In 2006, that was when it seemed Amouage took that next step and their image was reinvented to a globally appealing luxury brand. Today, Amouage is known for its creativity in the fragrance industry. This was done by the help of CEO, David Crickmore, and visionary Creative Director, Christopher Chong.

Amouage has 19 stand alone shops around the globe from London to Abu Dhabi. They will continue to grow as a brand with people growing more fond of true mastery in fragrance.

Christopher Chong

Christopher Chong

A immigrant from Hong Kong who made his home in the great city of New York. His first love was a modeling agency he had founded after graduating from Fordham University. He specialized in fashion editorials, with this agency paying off his schooling in a short amount of time. He was able to move to London later on to take classes from the prestigious London College of Fashion.

Christopher Chong made his debut with Amouage in 2007 with the fragrances “Jubilation 25” for women and “Jubilation XXV” for men. These fragrances were created with no prior formal training or experience. He is now a very well respected perfumer who pushes the norms of fragrance and likes to go outside the box.

Each Amouage fragrance past 2007, Christopher has been a part of its creation. Each Amouage fragrance is like nothing else on the market, being it is outside of the box. Some might just not be your cup of tea, some will smell like heaven in a bottle to you.


Reflection Man

Reflection Man is a classy cologne that is very versatile and can be used from night life at a bar to going to the grocery store. It also is not dependent on the seasons, being able to use it whenever you want. It is a floral woodsy fragrance with a hint of musk to give it the masculine edge that will have women consistently complimenting you.

Everyone I know who has smelled this cologne has closed their eyes and taken a deep inhale. It smells like what I imagine you smell when heavens gates open up. It is definitely not going to be common to smell on someone else. Reflection Man is a hidden niche fragrance with a scent profile that is unlike any other.

Scent Notes


  • Jasmine

    Neroli Flower


  • Neroli


  • Sandalwood


  • Vetiver


  • Cedar


The performance of Reflection Man has all the makings to rate this fragrance a 10/10. It is very versatile, they found the sweet spot between night life and day time. You can wear this at the office and have it go the distance for your 8 hour work day. You can also wear it on a night out and never worry about it losing its power.

The fragrance will last you anywhere from 8 to 12 hours depending on a variety of things. The only time it is really tested is during freezing cold temperatures. Its notes don’t have the boldness of some brands like Tom Ford’s cologne.


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Amouge Reflection Man Cologne Bottle




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