Instyle Perfumes Review

InStyle Perfumes Review

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InStyle Perfumes Review

Are you looking for an inexpensive perfume that matches your favorite designer brand perfumes? Instyle’s goal is creating accurate imitations of your favorite perfumes. From Yves Saint Laurent’s “Black Opium” to Lancome’s “La Vie Est Belle,” Instyle Fragrances recreate perfumes from 20 different brands. As you can guess for these perfumes, the scent will not be a 100% match to the original scent. The fragrances are labeled as “inspired by” the designer perfume. In this Instyle perfumes review, you will see if these perfumes are worth buying.

Instyle uses ingredients that keep the price of their fragrances very affordable. As a result, the perfumes have a synthetic scent if you compare them to the original. Many people you meet do not have much experience with perfumes and can not tell the difference between Instyle’s fragrances and the original that is 10X the price.

The Top 5 Instyle Perfumes

Marc Jacobs Daisy

The most well-known of all Marc Jacobs perfumes is Daisy. A soft floral perfume that shines in the spring and summertime. It’s a safe choice for any time of day. One of the few fragrances I would be okay with blind-buying without smelling it first. From work to going out with your friends, Daisy fits right in. The soft floral notes make it inoffensive to most and a hard perfume to hate.

Any woman 20+ years old should be a perfect match for this perfume.

This perfume was made just perfect for the summer and springtime. It keeps you smelling fresh all day long with a moderate projection that is the ideal amount.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Light Blue smells like a tropical vacation spot on the beach in a bottle, laying on a towel drinking a fresh-squeezed lemonade. The perfume opens with musk and cedar; it then transitions to a beautiful combination of apple and lemon. This one is unique in that people have been saying the smell is very different from person to person.

The performance is for wearing it at the office or just running errands in the heat of summer. The projection is on the soft side, but, it will increase whenever you are in hot weather. The longevity is one of its disadvantages; it will last you about 4 to 6 hours. You will have to respray it sometime throughout the day.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

This is for the women who love gourmand/sweet perfumes. It is a creamy vanilla scent with notes of coffee and pear that give it that added complexity that makes this one of Yves Saint Laurent’s best sellers. You will be able to distinguish the vanilla and coffee notes easily with patchouli following as it dries down.

This perfume is mostly for nightlife only; its notes are perfect for getting complements while you are out with your friends. It smells dark and seductive while having a cozy coffee shop type feel. You do get a hint of floral notes, but they are far from the star of the show in this perfume.

The performance is average for a gourmand type of perfume. It will project to get attention while you are out at your favorite nightlife spot or while you are hanging out with your friends in the winter. The longevity will last you around 6 to 8 hours when sprayed on the skin.

Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamond

White Diamond is the perfect scent to wear whenever you want to smell luxurious. Created by the design house of Elizabeth Taylor in 1991, this perfume has generous notes of bergamot, neroli, and orange with gracious lily for a perfume that is the perfect choice for any occasion. Spray on this beautiful perfume to turn heads wherever you go.

The power is moderate for this scent so you don’t have to worry about wearing it inappropriately in situations.

Donna Karen’s Cashmere Mist

Cashmere Mist is a gorgeous perfume. Subtle and intimate, it feels like it’s merely enhancing the scent of your skin. You should reach for this perfume whenever you want to feel fresh and clean. All the notes are so well blended they create a new note called Cashmere Mist. The best I can do to describe it is to say that it’s soft, powdery, and fresh.

I think the wear time for this is decent for a light perfume. Cashmere Mist doesn’t have much sillage, though. You’re not going to walk into a room and wow people with it. That makes it perfect for work, job interviews, church, or any other situation where a bold perfume might be inappropriate.


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