Is Lume Deodorant Safe?

Is Lume Brand Deodorant Safe?

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Is Lume Brand Deodorant Safe?


Lume Deodorant Brand

Is Lume Brand Deodorant Safe?
Founder, Sharon Klingman

Lume is an up and coming brand that was founded in 2017 by Sharon Klingman, a medical doctor. Sharon, tired of the lack of innovation in the deodorant market decided to make a change.

She explained that there hasn’t been a improvement made to deodorant formulas in over a century, when aluminum was first used in antiperspirants.

Sharon is not the type of person to stick to the status quo, just accepting the fact that deodorant is the way it is. She wants to make products that revolutionize the deodorant market. Sharon has said that most natural deodorants are so basic that most people could make them at home, for themselves.

Her original mission was to create a natural deodorant for making feminine odor disappear, however she came up with the perfect formula that combated all body odor no matter the gender.

The Benefits of Using Lume

Lume Deodorants are all-natural products that contain no harmful aluminum or irritating baking soda. They use ingredients that keep a healthy Ph balance on your skin, which is very important in keeping your skin healthy and happy. Lume, unlike any other deodorant has ingredients in the formula to stop the odor of any bodily fluid. Fluids such as sweat, urine, and blood. No other product on the market has this ability, which is what makes Lume so special.

Under clinical tests Lume deodorant beat out all other natural deodorant brands such as Schmidt’s and Native. They concluded there was 6X longer odor protection compared to other brands. Lume doesn’t cover or hide the odor, it kills the odor causing bacteria at the source. The science behind Lume is what makes it so much better than all the other natural deodorant brands, Sharon Klingman put her heart into making this product great.

Is It Lume Safe?

So… is Lume brand deodorant safe compared to other deodorants? You are probably asking yourself “how can a powerful deodorant with 72-hour coverage contain no harmful ingredients?”. Lume’s formula is hypoallergenic, which means it has been tested extensively to make sure it does not cause allergic reactions when applied to peoples skin.

Lume deodorants contain none of the following common allergens:

  1.   AluminumIs Lume Brand Deodorant Safe?

2.   Silicone

3.   Phthalates

  4.   Sulfates

5.   Parabens

6.   Coconut Oil




After all the evidence, it’s safe to say Lume is in fact very safe to use. Here are some testimonials from real reviews online :

  • “I don’t know what’s in this stuff but it WORKS!! I’ve used probably every aluminum-free product out there over the years. The other deodorants either irritate my skin to the point I have huge bumps or they fizzle out by mid-afternoon. As a Texas native, it’s hot y’all!! I was reluctant when I read 72 hour protection but some how this deodorant holds up to the task. I love this stuff and I’ll be a loyal customer for life. Thanks for a most excellent deodorant guys!! And it smells good too.” – Susan Hutchins


  • I rarely write reviews, but I know there are others out there on the great deodorant search just as I was…until now that is! This product is wonderful I wish I had found this deodorant countless hundreds of dollars ago. It’s easy to apply, smells great, works all day, and NO greasy marks or residue on my tops! I love it, thank you Lume!!! – Patricia Levy 


  • This may be a bit private and embarrassing, but as an a woman of “a certain age”, I have had a strong odor in the ‘nether regions’. I am told that this is normal for older women. Well, it was not something I was willing to accept. I tried everything…. and scrubbed so hard I was sore. But still the odor. Out of desperation and full of skepticism, I saw an ad for Lume on Facebook and thought I would order it. I have used it one time, sparingly, like instructed. And even after showering, no odor. I could seriously cry, I am so thrilled with this product. Was a total skeptic about ads, but I was out of options. I don’t know how it works, but IT WORKS! All I can say is ‘ “THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! – Kathleen 


5 Different Scent Options

Jasmine Rose

This is more geared towards women, with its delicious smelling duo of flowers.

Lavender Sage

Who doesn’t love the smell of lavender?

Juniper Berry

A perfect scent for the warm seasons.

Silver Spruce

A very inoffensive scent that smells like soap or shaving cream.


For the person who is allergic to all types of fragrance.


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Is Lume Brand Deodorant Safe?

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