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The 5 Best Gucci Colognes For Men

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The 5 Best Gucci Colognes For Men


The Origin of Gucci

You know the brand. Being the staple of luxury goods, with handbags and shoes that would make the average persons heart skip a beat, looking at the price tag. Starting in 1921, in the beginning Guccio Gucci never envisioned the brand being this large. He just focused on making leather goods, clothing, and fashion accessories in his hometown of Florence, Italy.

The 5 Best Gucci Colognes for Men
Guccio Gucci

The brand started to take off when Guccio’s sons Aldo and Rodolfo took over the company. They established offices in New York City in 1953, around the time the brand was becoming a status symbol among film stars.

The first release of Gucci’s fragrances was a women’s perfume called Gucci No.1 that was introduced in 1974. You would have to be very lucky to find a original of that perfume now.

Surprisingly, Gucci’s colognes are relatively inexpensive compared to their other items they sell. All of the ones in the list below are $65 and below, besides the #1 pick. You will be able to add a international luxury brand cologne to your collection for the price of the colognes you can find at Walmart.

You can expect the finesse and luxury that comes with the Gucci name when you purchase a Gucci cologne. Telling a woman you are wearing a Gucci branded cologne is also a major boost to your image. The brand name Gucci is put as a status symbol in the U.S, with popular songs having the brand name in their lyrics.

Here is my list of the best Gucci colognes out now.

The 5 Best Gucci Colognes For Men


5. Gucci Pour Homme ll

Gucci took a risk on this one. Notes of black tea, cinnamon, and tobacco leaf is something you don’t think of for a cologne note pairing. It is very unique, making this one a love or hate type of cologne. The natural smelling black tea note is the main note you smell, with the other notes going through that note.

It’s a refreshing change to the synthetic dominant market we have right now in fragrance. Giving a masculine edge to tea that I didn’t think we needed till I first smelled it. It is a versatile fragrance, warm during the cold of winter and refreshing in the heat of summer. Subtle enough to be worn in close quarters and just enough projection to get someones attention.

The performance of this cologne is why I have it ranked last in this list. The longevity is just not there. If you are lucky, it will last around 4 hours if you sprayed it on the skin. I find spraying it on your clothing is the better option to get longevity from 6 to 8 hours. It also requires more sprays than your average cologne to get the projection you want.

4. Gucci Sport Pour Homme

One of the better sport fragrances, in my opinion. A fresh green aromatic scent that has cypress and fig being the main stars of the show. Cypress has a pine-like smell that is fresh and inoffensive to the nose. Fig has a mixture of green notes and a ripe fruit smell that is a perfect balance to the pine smell of cypress.

The herbal fragrance is the perfect scent for a hot summer day. Also, a perfect office and casual fragrance to wear when you don’t want to be wearing a potentially offensive scent. One spray is enough to get you in the mood for summer. It is universal and perfect for daily wear of any age.

The performance is better than the one above, but still lacking compared to others. A projection that is average and subtle enough to not be noticed.  A longevity that doesn’t last longer than 5 hours on the skin. Spraying it on clothing will extend the time that the aroma will stay around you. I keep this one in my gym bag to spray after a workout.

3. Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme

The bold counterpart to the Gucci Guilty Black for women. A fresh, aquatic, and green cologne that has a fresh soap feel to it. It is a safe scent that will never be a let down. It is also not some boring fragrance that you will find at the super market. It has a appeal to it that women love when you are wearing it. This has been a favorite for wearing to casual events.

This fragrance will keep you smelling fresh longer than the previous two fragrances above. Its projection will get the attention women you want, getting them to ask you what you are wearing. The longevity lasted 8 to 10 hours on my skin, lasting longer if you are not outdoors for the day.

If you look at the reviews online, I couldn’t believe it was for this same fragrance. If you look at the reviewers the majority of the women loved the scent, while the men seemed to hate the smell. I don’t know why that is, but I would keep in account of that when deciding if you want to purchase this cologne.


2. Gucci Guilty Intense

This one is intense for sure. It is a bold strong fragrance that will make its presence known when you walk in the room. The blending of notes is very nice with notes of lavender, amber, and lemon syncing well together. It is the perfect fragrance for nightlife, because of its dark and mysterious vibe it gives off when you wear it.

I wouldn’t recommend you wear this during work or as an everyday cologne. It’s very seductive and would not fit in if you wore it during the day unless you are trying to stand out in the grocery store lines.

The projection is powerful, but the longevity can’t keep up with it. Some people have claimed it can’t even pass the 1 hour mark on their skin. That is not good. It lasted 4 hours when I had tested it, so I think their skin chemistry eats up this cologne.

1. Gucci Guilty Platinum

This is a lemon dominant fragrance that is the perfect refreshing summer scent. The pairing of lavender and lemon balance each other out in perfect harmony. It is incredibly clean and inoffensive, perfect for the office or just a casual everyday fragrance. This fragrance is one of my favorites, it however isn’t as widely loved as some fragrances.

Some find it to be too boring with no uniqueness to it. I have to disagree, it has a freshness that no other fragrance I have smelled has. It is super versatile as well, it can worn in summer or winter. In the office or at your favorite nightlife spot.

The performance of this is better than any other Gucci cologne on the market currently. Its projection is absolutely enormous, Paco Rabanne 1 Million level projection. The longevity is very long lasting, I clocked a insane 14 hours of consistent projection from this cologne.

This Gucci cologne was discontinued, so supplies are running out. There are only a few left on the link I gave you to purchase this cologne.


These colognes are what I think are the 5 best Gucci colognes for men. Tell me what Gucci cologne is your favorite in the comments.


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