The 13 Best Fragrance YouTube Channels

The 13 Best Fragrance YouTube Channels

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The 13 Best Fragrance Youtube Channels

Fragrance related YouTube channels have become more popular over the years. Many personalities with a love for fragrances have been taking their experience and large collection of colognes and perfumes, and sharing their personal recommendations. Some of these people have a collection most couldn’t even imagine owning in their lifetime. Jeremy Fragrance has got to have at least 350 different colognes and perfumes on his shelf, which is very impressive.

I will say, take whatever these people say with a grain of salt. They do not have your nose and will like different things. They do however, give recommendations for people who know what they like in fragrances.

Take a trip to your local fragrance store or department store and just browse the selection of fragrances and take notice of what catches your attention the most.

Below are the 13 best fragrance YouTube channels that are currently the spokespeople of the fragrance industry.

1. Jeremy Fragrance

2. Redolessence

3. Max Forti

4. Demi Rawling

5. Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews

6. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover

7. Gents Scents

8. Big Beard Business

Maximilian Heusler

10. Exotic Scents

11. Ami Loves Perfume

12. Katie Puckrik Smells

13. The Perfume Pros


Who’s channel is your favorite?

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