The Best Giorgio Armani Colognes for Men

The Best Giorgio Armani Colognes for Men

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The Best Giorgio Armani Colognes for Men


The Armani Origin Story

It all started in the summer of 1975, Giorgio Armani had been growing his image as a top class men’s fashion designer in his native country of Italy. His friend Sergio Galeotti had convinced him to start his own fashion brand, after seeing the talent he possessed. This lead to the Giorgio Armani brand you know of today. Giorgio became the top acclaimed fashion designer to come out of Italy.

In 1982, Giorgio Armani decided to launch his very first fragrance into the market. He went with a women’s perfume titled “Armani”, a strong woody fragrance that had a deep smokiness to it. Armani’s first men’s cologne was “Armani Eau Pour Homme”, a classic citrus cologne that had an amazing depth of notes for the year it was released.

Since the founding of Giorgio Armani, the brand has put out a staggering 171 fragrances at the time of this article being written. There have been some dud fragrances, in my opinion. But, the majority of the fragrances that have been released have been a master class in perfumery.

These colognes have a very sophisticated make-up that only the most talented perfumer can create. Some of the names that have put Giorgio Armani on the map are Annick Menardo, Alberto Morillas, and Oliver Polge. These perfumers have worked for the top brands such as Chanel, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent.

One of the things I’ve noticed most with Armani’s colognes is the compliments. No other brand has gotten more compliments from women than this brand in my personal experience.


The Attraction of Armani Colognes

Armani colognes are the ultimate compliment getting fragrances. They are sophisticated, masculine, and very fresh.

Everything you need to turn the heads of women.


The Top 6 Giorgio Armani Colognes for Men

Armani Eau Pour Homme

A classic masculine aroma that reminds you of an old school barber shop. The citrus opening of this cologne is a nice blend of bergamot and mandarin orange. The perfect refreshing notes to wear in the summer time. A light spice with basil leaf and nutmeg give it some added masculine depth.

This cologne has been compared to Dior Sauvage, but this scent is more for the mature man. The men who are 40 years or older. Its notes are a little too dated for the younger man.

The best time you should wear this cologne is during the day in hot weather. It has got a powerful initial spray that will project reasonably well. I have smelled this scent in public on someone and we had a good distance between us and the fragrance was still present. You will get around 6 to 8 hours worth of longevity in this cologne.


Acqua Di Gio Profumo

The perfect cologne for the spring/summer nights at your favorite outdoor venue. This cologne is a favorite among the fragrance community because of its beautiful pairing of aquatic and incense notes. The smoky notes of the incense and the refreshing salty notes create a yin and yang of smokey and refreshing.

Did I mention the compliments? The compliments this cologne receives has to be one of the top 5 I have found. Just walking past a table who are in conversation, can get them to stop and turn to see who smells so good.

This is also a fragrance that any guy can wear with confidence. From high school to the mature man, this cologne will keep you smelling fresh and masculine. This cologne is a little too powerful to be worn during the day, warm summer nights are the occasions where this cologne shines the most.

The longevity of this cologne is very impressive. Some people say it has 48 hours of longevity behind it. I think it’s safe to say that will please even the most harsh fragrance critic. The projection is just enough to be noticed, but not make people overwhelmed with a cloud of fragrance.

Armani Eau de Nuit

The cologne for the man who goes to formal events with a suit and tie. It just screams class when you smell its combination of notes such as tonka bean, iris, and pink pepper. The spiciness of this fragrance makes this a winter scent that has notes that warm you up when you smell it. There is a sweet cedar wood note that had me loving this fragrance at first sniff.

The cologne is very smooth with the spice, it is blended very well. The spice combination reminds me of Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolfe. Iris gives the fragrance a powdery feel that lightens the intensity of the pink pepper. Pink pepper alone can smell very overpowering and totally take over the whole fragrance.

The performance is pretty strong, which is why I would recommend this only for winter. The projection will reach someone within 8 feet, giving them a whiff of this perfect blend of ingredients. The longevity is good as well, lasting you around 8 to 10 hours with spraying it directly onto the skin. I’ve noticed colognes have lasted longer when I spray them on my clothing.

Armani Mania

A simple group of bold notes make up this seductive cologne for men. Notes such as cedar wood and saffron give it a masculine earthy scent that is irresistible. I’ll admit, this isn’t the most complex cologne you will ever smell, it is pretty standard all the way through. It is a perfect safe bet to just about any occasion. From your work to going on a date, this cologne will get the job done.

The opening of this cologne is a refreshing mandarin orange that slowly fades any into strong wood notes, with a dash of aquatic notes to keep it light. Younger guys might not appreciate this cologne as much as the mature man. The cologne has a more classic sweetness to it that many younger guys aren’t used to.

The performance of this cologne is pretty average. You won’t be blowing anybody away with this scent, but it has enough to be versatile in night life and dating. The longevity is average, with about 6 to 8 hours of this incredible smelling cologne.

It has sadly been discontinued as of now… supplies are limited.

Acqua di Gio

The ultimate¬†summer cologne that is the #1 compliment getting fragrance for the summer time. It is almost strange at the amount of reactions you will get from this cologne. Acqua Di Gio is like having a cheat code that I cannot explain. It has some very enthusiastic reviews as well, for example “This is the best cologne in the past 2 decades.”

It is a blend of aquatic, citrus, and wood notes that create a scent that is perfect for hot weather. So many different notes, but doesn’t seem too complex to follow. It’s light, airy, refreshing, and masculine. It will definitely remind you of your favorite beaches that you have visited.

The performance is perfect for the summer heat. The projection will heat up to give off a moderate silage that will have women standing close just to get a smell of it. The longevity will last you around 6 to 8 hours, just enough to last you the day at work or last the night at your favorite bar. The cologne is perfect for any occasion you have during the hot weather months.

Armani Code

A cologne full of mystery and romance. It stays fresh with notes of lemon,bergamot, and star anise. But under that, it has underlying masculine and dark notes such as leather, tobacco, and guaic wood. It is a very crowd-pleasing scent that women seem to love. The sweet and masculine combination is hard to resist.

It should be worn during cold weather, preferably during the night time. Notes like leather and tobacco should never be worn during the summer time. It would make you start to become nauseous from the smell.

The formula has changed over the years since its release in 2004. The original formula was the best this cologne has ever had. The second closest is the batch that came out in 2010. If you can get a batch of colognes from these years, I would pick it up in an instant.

The performance is average for a winter scent. Its longevity will last you 8 to 10 hours with a projection that is weaker than most colognes with the leather note in it.

Give this cologne a try if you want that mysterious image about you.



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