The Best Men’s Colognes for Fall 2020

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The Best Men’s Colognes for Fall 2019


What Colognes are Best for Fall?

Fall/Autumn 2019 is just around the corner, the leaves will be changing colors and you will be changing the colognes you wear. In this article I will give you a list of the best men’s colognes for fall 2019. The grueling heat of summer weather is finally over, and you can wear your cold weather colognes that have been waiting on your shelves for months.

Some of the perfect notes for the fall time are things that give off a wood, spicy, or aromatic aromas. These are the type of perfumes that are more earthy and natural than what you would typically wear during summer. You want something that just gives off a cozy vibe that you can just smell and it takes you for a walk in nature.

But what if you love a cologne made for summer? Wearing a cologne that is typically for warmer weather is a totally fine thing to do. The only problem is the strength of the fragrance is not made for the colder weather. This will require you to spray more onto yourself than you would during the spring/summer.

I personally like the aroma that cold weather scents give off and I couldn’t imagine wearing something like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue during freezing cold winters. But, everyone has their own tastes and whatever you feel works for you and your style and personality, I agree with going for it 100%.

What is Fall like in Your Area?

Depending on what fall is like in your area, you have to look at different fragrances. Places in the United States like Florida, Texas, and Arizona have fall seasons that are still very hot. These places need to be treated almost the same as what you would wear during the summer, with maybe a little more focused towards wood notes.

Some places are very cold, requiring you to wear colognes that are powerful like Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million. Perfumes are always based on a variety of circumstances, find out what works best for you.

The Top 7 Men’s Colognes for Fall 2019

These are what I think are the best men’s colognes for fall 2019. The list isn’t in any sort of order from worst to best, so keep that in mind. I love all of these colognes equally.   What’s your favorite cologne for fall?

7. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit

Yves Saint Laurent is a superstar company in the fragrance industry. They constantly put out good products that become staples in collections around the world. La Nuit is the favorite of women out of all the colognes on this list. The masculine aroma matched with the freshness of lavender make this a perfect scent.

This is for the masculine man who is looking to just exude confidence everywhere he goes. This is a rare fragrance you can wear throughout your life and it will fit perfectly with your lifestyle. You can wear this cologne at any age and it will still be a hit among people. I know individuals who have been wearing this cologne for over 10 years.

It is a cologne that can be worn in any season throughout the year without a problem. It is just an all-around great cologne that is for guys looking for a timeless masculine cologne.

6. Dior Sauvage

Released in 2015, this cologne is by far the most popular on this list. I can smell this cologne in public at least once a day. When out in nightlife, you won’t be surprised to smell it everywhere you turn. But, this cologne is popular for a reason…the compliments from women. It is the ultimate crowd-pleasing cologne that is pretty much universally loved by everyone.

The spicy notes of sichuan pepper and pink pepper combined with lavender make this a match made in heaven. It is perfect for anything from nightlife to daily office wear. When you don’t know what to wear, this is your cologne. This cologne is the best compliment receiving cologne on this list, expect at least 5 compliments every time you go out.

The performance is amazing as well. It will last you 12 hours and more with just a few sprays on your skin. The projection is something that needs to be controlled, you don’t want to spray the same amount from nightlife to your work place. It can be noticed with ease with around 4 to 5 sprays on you. 2 or 3 sprays is enough for the work place, anymore and you are starting to tread on dangerous waters.

5. Burberry London

This cologne just gives me imagery of a cool fall evening sitting under the stars. This cologne has been around for over 10 years and has been a crowd favorite for the fall/winter seasons. Its warm notes of tobacco and cinnamon give this a Christmas time kind of vibe that is great to wear during the holidays.

The projection is on the weaker side for a fall cologne. It won’t be noticed from far away but it will be picked up by someone who is close by. The longevity is around 8 to 10 hours of tobacco cinnamon goodness.

Christmas came early with this cologne, give it a try.

4. Bleu De Chanel

An incredible smelling cologne that is the first cologne I recommend to friends looking for something to wear. Competitors have tried multiple times to recreate this cologne without avail. It is truly a unique cologne that cannot be replicated. It is fresh, spicy, and classy all in one amazing cologne. If you are looking for a more sophisticated choice, Bleu De Chanel is for you.

This cologne can be worn during day and night without any problems. It’s projection keeps it versatile and gives you the ability to wear it in warm weather as well. If you are looking for a cologne that will be the perfect choice no matter what you are doing, this cologne is your choice. Just prepare for the amount of compliments you will be getting from wearing this.

Give it a shot, this has been my go-to for years and it has yet to fail me.

3. Armani Code Profumo

A cologne full of mystery and romance. It stays fresh with notes of apple,mandarin orange, and cardamon. But under that, it has underlying masculine and dark notes such as leather, tonka beans, and amber.  It is a very crowd-pleasing scent that women seem to love. The sweet and masculine combination is hard to resist.

I believe this cologne should be preferably worn during the night time. Notes like leather and tobacco should never be worn during the summer time. It would make you start to become nauseous from the smell.

The formula has changed over the years since its release in 2004. The original formula was the best this cologne has ever had. The second closest is the batch that came out in 2010. If you can get a batch of colognes from these years, I would pick it up in an instant.

The performance is average for a fall scent. Its longevity will last you 8 to 10 hours with a projection that is weaker than most colognes with the leather note in it.

Give this cologne a try if you want that mysterious image about you.

2. Tobacco Vanille

You are going to be hard to miss with this, an extremely strong fragrance that cuts through the crowd. It’s dark, rich, spicy, and sweet notes that makes you smell like you are starring in a mobster movie. It is a very natural smell as if only vanilla pods and tobacco that you would smell in a unlit cigar were mixed together. The scent is very mature and I believe only a man 40+ could be able to pull it off, it is suited for cold winter months because it would be very cloying in the summer time and would just make someone nauseous

The formula of this fragrance has not changed from the original that was released in 2007 with Oliver Gillotin being the nose behind this masterpiece. The performance of it is something to be marveled, you will be filling rooms with the rich tobacco and vanilla smell that will also last you long after you need it on your skin, lasting sometimes past 24 hours.

1. Creed Royal Oud

Creed’s mission statement is “create highly original fragrances of extravagant quality” and it’s safe to say this brand has stayed true to that. This fragrance is infused with the rare and distinct smell of oud wood, this luxurious fragrance leaves you smelling absolutely stunning. The oud wood is mixed with wood notes such as cedar and sandalwood for a complete natural woodland experience.

With the addition of pink pepper and galbanum this fragrance has a depth that goes further than your typical oud fragrance. This is the perfect fall fragrance that will have everyone asking what you are wearing. Its scent will change with each season you wear it in. If you wear this fragrance in the summer it will come off as sweet, but if you wear it in fall or winter it becomes powdery.

The performance is what you would expect from a Creed made fragrance. A longevity that is long-lasting and will give you a minimum of 12 hours of consistent projection. The projection is moderate, but I couldn’t imagine any other level of projection that would be as perfect as the level for this fragrance. You can leave a room and come back into it, smelling the fragrance just as powerful as you left it.


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