The Best Men's Colognes for Winter 2019

The Best Men’s Colognes for Winter 2020

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The Best Men’s Colognes for Winter 2020


What Cologne’s Are Best For Winter?

Winter 2019 is on its way, the cold snowy days require you to change up your cologne choices because light colognes just won’t cut it. In this article I will give you a list of the best men’s colognes for winter 2020. The nice weather of fall is over, and the colognes that have been considered too strong are now being used.

Some of the perfect notes for the winter time are things that give off a wood, spicy, or aromatic aromas. These are the type of colognes that are more earthy and natural than what you would typically wear during summer. You want something that just gives off a cozy vibe that you can just smell and it takes you for a walk in nature.

But what if you love a cologne made for summer? Wearing a cologne that is typically for warmer weather is a totally fine thing to do. The only problem is the strength of the fragrance is not made for the colder weather. This will require you to spray more onto yourself than you would during the spring/summer.

I personally like the aroma that cold weather scents give off and I couldn’t imagine wearing something like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue during freezing cold winters. But, everyone has their own tastes and whatever you feel works for you and your style and personality, I agree with going for it 100%.

What is Winter Like in Your Area?

Depending on what fall is like in your area, you have to look at different fragrances. Places in the United States with warmer climates like Florida, Texas, and Arizona have winter seasons that don’t compare to places like Michigan, Illinois and New York where the weather is extremely cold. These warm places need to be treated almost the same as what you would wear during the fall season, with maybe a little more focused towards wood notes.

The very cold places need something with some power to it, requiring you to wear colognes that are powerful like Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million. Colognes are always based on a variety of circumstances, find out what works best for you.

The Top 6 Colognes for Winter 2020

These are what I think are the best men’s colognes for winter 2019. The list isn’t in any sort of order from worst to best, so keep that in mind. I love all of these colognes equally. What’s your favorite cologne for winter?


7. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

A fresh masculine fragrance that you can’t go wrong with. The smell will not offend anyone and I’ve received comments such as ” you smell really nice” and “what are you wearing?”. It’s the best cologne for encounters that are up close where you don’t need to catch someones attention 6 feet away.

The notes are spicy and refreshing with things such as ginger, lemon, and cedar wood. These may not sound manly but just wait until you spray it, it will change your mind. You will feel like you can chop down a tree with an ax and hand fight a grizzly bear.

The performance isn’t the greatest but it will do the job. It will last around 6-8 hours, which is perfect for students or people working. You will just need a couple sprays to the neck and wrists, perfect to last throughout the day.

The cologne can be worn anytime during the year without any problems, but it is a perfect choice for the cold weather seasons.

Looking for a more sophisticated option? This one is for you

6. Thierry Mugler Angel Men Pure Malt

High end whiskey and fresh fruit, what could be better? That combo might have sounded weird but that is what Pure Malt is about. A mature mans cologne that is perfect for going to a restaurant or bar. This one is only appealing to the person who enjoys the smell of luxury alcohol and thought “I wish I smelled like this”.

That means this is a very love or hate cologne with only a small base of fans. But these fans are die-hard, they make it a star in their collection.

The performance is what you would expect from any on this list and you will get 12 to 14 hours out it which is more than enough. And just like whiskey, perfect for the cold months. I definitely wouldn’t wear this in spring or summer, because it can be quite cloying and heavy on the nose.

4. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Spicebomb is one of Viktor & Rolf’s most well-known colognes that they have put out. With the signature grenade-like cologne bottle it is hard to miss this fragrance in stores. Spicebomb is a sweetly spiced scent with cinnamon and pink pepper that has an enormous amount of projection to it that can be too much for some.

I have heard stories of people getting complemented on the fragrance from someone who was 15 feet away from the person wearing it.

Spicebomb is a very inviting scent that is sweet, without being too cloying. It includes some fruit aromas such as raisin and plum that gives it a very seductive tone to it.

If you are looking for a powerful projection cologne with very long-lasting longevity. This is the fragrance for you. It has all the makings of a fragrance that makes you stand out from the average person.

3. Mont Blanc Individuel

A combination of over 15 scent notes composing this fresh and spicy cologne. Some of the center pieces of this cologne are raspberry, cinnamon, sandalwood, and dark chocolate. The fragrance is perfect for a night out at a higher end bar, not the typical college bar where it smells like a toilet bowl.

The performance is on the lighter side for a normal night life cologne. It will still be noticed but not being obnoxiously powerful or offensive smelling with its notes. I can guarantee you if you ask someone in the bar/club what they think about it, they will say they love it.

It is not your typical cologne people come across regularly so they will be surprised. The combination of these notes will have people trying to figure out what it smells like.

2. Creed Green Irish Tweed

Green Irish Tweed is a classy and sophisticated cologne that is one of the more famous coming from Creed. Released in 1985, it continues to be a top seller that’s known for its brilliant opening. The opening practically transports you to a Irish countryside with its ultra green scent with lemon verbena.

This cologne is perfect for the mature man looking for a cologne for the winter time. It smells very refreshing and manly, making it a complement getting machine whenever you wear it. From the cute girl at the bar to the cashier at the grocery store, they will be wondering what you are wearing…from experience.

The performance is what you would usually expect from Creed. It is long-lasting and the projection will easily be smelled by the people around you. I have worn this fragrance and it has lasted over 24 hours straight with no drop in strength.

1. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

You are going to be hard to miss with this, an extremely strong fragrance that cuts through the crowd. It’s dark, rich, spicy, and sweet notes that makes you smell like you are starring in a mobster movie. It is a very natural smell as if only vanilla pods and tobacco that you would smell in a unlit cigar were mixed together.

The scent is mature and is perfect for men in their 30’s and 40’s, it is perfectly suited for cold winter months because it would be very cloying in the summer time and would just make someone nauseous

The formula of this fragrance has not changed from the original that was released in 2007 with Oliver Gillotin being the nose behind this masterpiece. The performance of it is something to be marveled, you will be filling rooms with the rich tobacco and vanilla smell that will also last you long after you need it on your skin, lasting sometimes past 24 hours.

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