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The Best Rasasi Colognes on the Market

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Rasasi Perfumes “Make your Presence Felt”

Rasasi perfumes isn’t a name you hear a whole lot being thrown around in the perfume side of the internet. The brand was founded in 1979 and is located in Dubai. It was created by a visionary perfumer named Abdul Razzak Kalsekar. The brand is run by his 4 sons who keep his distinct vision alive. In its 40 years of operation, Rasasi has released a staggering 181 western and oriental fragrances with some having amazing bottle design that is very representative of middle eastern culture, such as the perfume Rasasi Rania.

Rasasi provides a mixture of modern fragrance with a middle eastern flair. Do not let the names of the fragrances in Arabic scare you away thinking this is only for people of middle eastern descent. These fragrances can be worn by anybody looking for a new and exciting fragrance that will get you complimented and noticed for their uniqueness. I am the furthest thing from middle eastern and I wear the cologne Rasasi Hawas ,and it works perfectly for me and my style.

The many fragrances that Rasasi has released can be hit or miss. The purpose of this article is to help you find the best Rasasi colognes on the market right now. This will save you money and avoid the pain of disappointment from a pungent gross fragrance. I hope you find a cologne from this article to try out from this underrated fragrance company.

The Best Rasasi Colognes on the Market

Rasasi Hawas

This was the very first cologne from Rasasi I’ve bought, after reading the raving reviews and the cheap price tag. It is an aquatic masterpiece with powerful projection to hold its own in night life situations. It is almost made exclusively for hot weather, and that’s where it truly shines as a great cologne.

The longevity is also something that is raved about on this fragrance with it lasting 16+ hours on a few sprays. I am glad I found this fragrance, it opened my eyes to what Rasasi had to offer in inexpensive, but well made fragrances. I would try this one first over the other 4 colognes to get the best of Rasasi from the start.

Rasasi Egra Men

Do you like wearing Creed’s “Green Irish Tweed” but don’t like the price tag? This cologne is a woody aromatic that is a close clone to Green Irish Tweed for about 1/4th the price of it. To the inexperienced nose, the cologne is almost a perfect match to Green Irish Tweed. The main notes being violet leaf, juniper berries, and iris making it a green forest scent that is perfect for spring and summer.

The main difference from Green Irish Tweed and Rasasi’s Egra Man is the longevity of the fragrances. Green Irish Tweed will last you around 12 hours, Egra Man will last you about 8 hours. I still don’t think the price tag can justify an extra 4 hours of projection for such similar fragrances. The projection is around the same as Green Irish Tweed and is on the moderate side of things.

Rasasi Fattan

An ultra green deep rich fragrance with hints of fresh citrus like grapefruit and bergamot. It was released in 2018 and has remained under the radar of the fragrance community. I am here to change that, it deserves a little more love. This fragrance is perfect for the person who wears green fragrance in the spring months.

The projection is on the heavy side that is fitting for a day at the park during spring for a mature man in his 40’s or up. The longevity is long-lasting and you will get a good 8 or more hours out of it. This might not be the most unusual or groundbreaking cologne to come out, but it has a place in every mature mans collection.

Rasasi Royale

An inexpensive woody aromatic fragrance with the fiery punch of cinnamon. Lavender is the main star of this show and it is paired with germanium and cedar. The price is a steal for the notes and quality of the smell with the performance of a $100 or more fragrance.

It is for the mature man for sure, it has nothing that is in a cologne for younger man. The performance is very powerful and you will need to find the perfect balance between too little and smell you 5 miles away.

Rasasi Shaghaf Pour Homme

A strong cologne that has a unique aquatic smell. As a result, it can’t be compared to aquatic fragrances like Creed Invictus Aqua or Acqua di Gio. It holds its own for a smell that hasn’t been put in any other fragrance. It’s fruity and masculine if that could ever be a thing, with tonka beans and vanilla. It might sound like it’s for women but it has a way of making itself masculine.

The performance is very powerful, this seems to be the case for all of Rasasi’s cologne. They like to let everyone know what you are wearing, maybe it’s a next level marketing tactic, who knows. Longevity is around 8 to 10 hours and is perfect for any age but seems to be geared more towards the younger man.


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