The Best Vetiver Perfumes for Women

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The Origins of Vetiver

Before being put in your favorite bottle of perfume, vetiver starts off as just a normal grass. It is generally located in damp and wet environments and is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. This might not be the most exciting thing to read, but it gives you insight and appreciation for the creation of fragrance. The creators of fragrance take plants from nature to create a composition of ingredients that creates emotions just from your sense of smell.

Vetiver has many uses around the globe other than fragrance. In India, it is used as window blinds to keep intense heat and sunlight out of peoples homes. As a additive to soft drinks and frozen sherbet in the summers of Northern India. It is even used in folklore ceremonies to increase someones chances of becoming wealthy and safe from harm.

The plant is generally found in India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka with the oil being produced for fragrance in Haiti, Java, and Reunion.

Vetiver in Fragrance

In the global market vetiver’s worth is increasing every day. A unique odor is not found in any other ingredient for fragrance as well as flavoring. It also is unique in the fact that it cannot be replicated synthetically by perfume companies looking for a cheaper alternative.

What you smell in fragrance is an oil version of vetiver that has a slow evaporation rate perfect for perfumery. Vetiver blends well with ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon, patchouli, and rose bases.

Vetiver has been mostly included in men’s colognes, but there are quality woman perfumes with vetiver being the star of the show as well.


The Note Rundown

Vetiver is a earthy fragrance, not like the smell of freshly cut grass. It has a bitter woodsy smell that lasts throughout the whole duration of the fragrance. Without any added ingredients vetiver also has a dirt-like smell that smells like it had rained.

The notes can also be different depending on the region from which the vetiver grass was taken from. Some might have a more dark and muddy. Some smell a little more fresh and intensely green.

Fragrances like Guerlain Vetiver can be easily distinguished as vetiver if you have a hard time figuring out what vetiver is as a beginner.


The Best Vetiver Perfumes for Women

These perfumes have vetiver as a center piece, but still create a feminine aroma. If you haven’t become familiar with vetiver, I would suggest going to the store and sampling perfumes first. This will get your nose used to what vetiver is and decide if you like it or not.


Vetiver by Guerlain

A true classic vetiver fragrance that has been the poster child of vetiver excellence, since 1961. It is a perfect unisex fragrance that is perfect for women who love aromatic fragrances with slightly spicy notes and fresh green notes that are refreshing. The vetiver is paired with a supporting cast of citrus notes such as lemon and limes that are a combination you didn’t know you needed.

This fragrance’s depth makes it perfect for any time of the year to wear. It is refreshing in the hot temperatures of summer and warm enough to be your comfort in the cold of winter. I would recommend this for the classy woman who has a maturity to pull off a fragrance like this. It is a very sophisticated fragrance that is earthy and woodsy.

The projection of this perfume is not too powerful and can be worn in office settings or just doing daily errands. The longevity is impressive as well, lasting upwards of 10 hours on a few sprays to the neck and wrists.

Give this classic fragrance a try.



Vetiver Fatal by Atelier Cologne

A unisex inoffensive clean vetiver fragrance with hints of fresh fruit, like plum. The added violet leaf gives it a smoothness that is very refreshing from the normal harshness of vetiver. This easy-to-wear scent is a sweet vetiver fragrance that does a beautiful job balancing the notes.

It believe it lives up to its “Fatal” name. It begins with a sweet innocent opening that smells very pleasant that transforms into a bitter seducing aroma that is incredible smelling.

The performance is average,it is just the right amount you need in a vetiver fragrance. The projection stays close to the skin and will require more sprays to project far away from your body, if you want to get the attention of people. The longevity will last you 8 to 12 hours on average. It is perfect to last you the day at work, or finish your errands.

Vetiver Oriental by Serge Lutens

The designers message from this fragrance is a mysterious and dark fragrance that has a daring interpretation of vetiver. The perfume contains notes of vetiver, dark chocolate, and oak moss for a classy fragrance that has a complexity to it, even with limited ingredients.

It is a a gorgeous fragrance with a hint of sweetness from the dark chocolate notes, but not the sugary sweet kind that comes from places like Victoria’s Secret. It can be worn in a professional setting as well as a more casual one as well.

This fragrance is categorized as a unisex fragrance, but it takes on each gender seamlessly. It has a rare way of changing to a feminine fragrance to a masculine fragrance depending on who is wearing it. It is something special you need to experience. The rich dark chocolate notes are incredibly seductive and bold.

The performance is a refreshing, with powerful performance in both projection and longevity. The projection has been mentioned as being moderate, just enough to be noticed. The longevity will last you your whole night out, lasting somewhere between 10 to 12 hours for non-stop compliments, wherever you are.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Vetiver isn’t the super star of this perfume, but you will still be able to tell it’s there with ease. This perfume is a very classy perfume. For the women who wants to be thriving in her life. You will get notes of patchouli, rose, citrus, and vetiver making this a combination of everything good in perfumes.

This fragrance has been complemented about a million times in the past two decades. I think its track record speaks for itself and there isn’t much hyping up I can do anymore. Chanel has been a superpower in the perfume game for the longest time and I don’t see them falling off anytime soon.

The performance is some powerful stuff that blows away the rest of the list prior. It will need some tweaking to get it to be just enough to get attention but not too much that it blows people away.


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