The Best Women's Versace Perfumes

The Best Women’s Versace Perfumes in 2020

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The Best Women’s Versace Perfumes in 2020


The Versace Brand

Versace is a well-known designer brand founded by the late Gianni Versace and was recently bought by Micheal Kors. Versace is known for its high-end clothing and accessories, which includes a line of fragrances. Gianni released his very first fragrance named “Gianni Versace” in 1981 that was a women’s perfume.

The Versace brand has been made increasingly popular with popular artists such as Drake, mentioning it as a high status brand. Designer brands have been known to be quite popular among people. Perfumes like Bright Crystal can be recognized when you are out in public due to its popularity.

Versace offers memorable fragrances that are very affordable for any persons budget for a variety of seasons or situations. Gianni Versace was taken from us too young at the age of 50, but his fragrances keep his vision alive. These next 5 perfumes is what I believe to be the best Versace perfumes on the market at this time. This list might change in the future with new releases, and I will update it.

The Top 5 Best Women’s Versace Perfumes


5. Pour Femme Dylan Blue

A perfectly balanced floral and fruity perfume that can be worn during any season. An elegant and sophisticated bottle to match this perfume’s personality. It has been described as having a shampoo-like smell to it that makes you feel squeaky clean when you are wearing it. An opening of apple, peach, and jasmine flower gives a sweet and floral aroma that doesn’t smell like your typical cheap smelling floral and fruity perfume.

When the perfume dries down it gets more complex, the notes turn to a more woodier aroma paired with musk. This isn’t your average fruity perfume that makes everyone smell like you just became a Yankee candle.

The performance of this perfume is a bright spot and it is a very long-lasting perfume. The longevity of the perfume will last you upwards of 12 hours of consistent performance. This perfume found the perfect balance and the projection is just right, not too strong for the summer and not too weak for the winter.

4. Eros Pour Femme

A classic men’s nightlife staple that has been adapted to being a women’s perfume. Eros Pour Femme is a lemon-dominant perfume that is mixed with a group of ingredients such as pomegranate and jasmine flower. The golden bottle gives it the perfect representation of what you smell inside of the bottle. It’s a bright, sophisticated, and refreshing perfume that gives a feeling of drinking a cold glass of lemonade in a garden of jasmine flowers on a warm summer day.

I couldn’t imagine a more relaxing and beautiful experience than that. If you look for perfumes that make you feel fresh and clean, this perfume will put an instant smile on your face. It can be worn in the office or just doing daily activities such as walking in the park, going to the beach, or going shopping.

The performance of this perfume is average for a summer-type perfume. It will last you anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of longevity. The projection of this perfume is perfect to keep the lemon under control and stop it from smelling like a floor cleaner.

Try out this refreshing lemon perfume that will give you something you never knew you needed in a perfume.

3. Versense

A nice fresh scent of citrus and flowers that has a base of musk. It is another perfume that is perfect for the warm weather months with its delicate and light scent notes. The base notes of cedarwood, musk, and sandalwood balance perfectly with the top citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin orange for a yin and yang type relationship.

This perfume is the perfect alternative to Chanel Chance Eau De Fraiche if you are looking for a cheaper perfume. It has all the notes to match perfectly with the scent of Chance.

The performance of this perfume is just right in every category. It will not blow anybody away with its power projection, but it will gain you some compliments and people asking what you are wearing. The longevity will give you around 8 hours of projection, which is perfect for the office or just about anywhere.

2. Bright Crystal

One of Versace’s most popular perfumes with over 2,000 reviews on multiple websites. Since its release in 2006, it has been one of the most sold perfumes in the world. When you first look at this perfume you will notice the beautiful bottle design that is designed like a crystal.

The perfume opens with the sweetness of a peony flower that smells like it was just picked from a beautiful garden. The fragrance is balanced with natural lotus and magnolia flower notes. The fragrance concludes with seductive base notes of magnolia wood and amber that will undoubtedly get the attention of men wherever you go.

The perfume is long-lasting and will be the perfect match for wearing it to work or just doing errands during the day. It can be worn during any season with success with its moderate projection that is inoffensive.

1. Crystal Noir

This is yet another top Versace perfume that delivers amazing results for an inexpensive price. This is a luxurious fragrance that is mass-appealing and refreshing to smell. The perfume comes in a sophisticated bottle that will be a mysterious and appealing addition to your collection. The lid of this perfume looks like a rare gem, adding to the overall beauty of this perfume.

When you spray it, it will start with top notes of pepper, nutmeg, and ginger, which are then balanced with middle notes of peony, coconut, and African orange. The base notes of amber, sandalwood, and musk blend together for a beautiful sweet smell.

Are you looking for a perfume that delivers a refreshing and long-lasting feminine fragrance? Crystal Noir is your perfect choice.  You can wear it to any occasion and any season.


What perfumes do you think are the best women’s Versace perfumes?

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