The Most Popular Men's Colognes 2019

The Most Popular Men’s Colognes 2020

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The Most Popular Men’s Colognes 2020


What’s in Style for 2020?

The year 2020 has had a lot of changes in trends when it comes to fragrances. It can be hard to keep up with the trends of what is in style and what is outdated.

The colognes in this list have stood the test of time and are as popular as ever. They have timeless fragrance that will forever be appealing to be around. These colognes can be worn by anybody, at any age.

What seems to be the majority of modern popular fragrance notes are aquatic, spicy, and vanilla.

Here is the top 7 most popular men’s colognes for 2020


The 7 Most Popular Men’s Colognes for 2019

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

A popular summer classic. Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue has been a staple in the summer fragrance scene since it came out in 2007. It’s citrus and herb notes balance each other out for a perfect combination of masculine and refreshing. It is my perfect scent for just everyday casual wear, it’s energizing and uplifting.

The simplicity of this cologne makes it one of the best. People always give negative reviews on the lack of uniqueness that is in this cologne. I think this cologne gets the job done, with plenty of compliments. Not everybody is a fragrance expert and will be able to notice the different notes of a fragrance in your daily life.

The performance of this cologne makes it an in-your-car type of cologne. It won’t last you all day on only a few sprays in the morning. You will need to freshen up once in a while in your car. The projection is pretty moderate, you will receive your compliments when someone is behind you in line or walking next to you for example.

Dior Sauvage

The definition of a popular modern cologne. Released in 2015, this cologne is by far the most popular on this list. I can smell this cologne in public at least once a day. When out in nightlife, you won’t be surprised to smell it everywhere you turn. But, this cologne is popular for a reason…the compliments from women. It is the ultimate crowd-pleasing cologne that is pretty much universally loved by everyone.

The spicy notes of Sichuan pepper and pink pepper combined with lavender make this a match made in heaven. It is perfect for anything from nightlife to daily office wear. When you don’t know what to wear, this is your cologne. This cologne is the best compliment receiving cologne on this list, expect at least 5 every time you go out.

The performance is amazing for this cologne. It will last you 12 hours and more with just a few sprays on your skin. The projection is something that needs to be controlled, you don’t want to spray the same amount from nightlife to your workplace. It can be noticed with ease with around 4 to 5 sprays on you. 2 or 3 sprays is enough for the workplace, any more and you are starting to tread on dangerous waters.

Versace Eros

Eros in Greek mythology is the God of lust and love, which fits perfectly with this fragrance. A go-to for many club-goers looking for a fragrance to match the setting. It opens with sweet mint with a little spice that dries down into vanilla and tonka bean. It is for the younger audience that is looking to grab attention from the crowd with powerful fragrances.

The performance is what you would expect from a powerful club fragrance, its projection will knock your sense of smell out if you aren’t careful with the number of sprays you apply. The longevity will last you all night no matter how many clubs you go to in one night you can trust it to last as long as you want. It has been said to sometimes last up to 24 hours which is more than enough.

Creed Aventus

The best luxury brand cologne to ever hit the shelves. This cologne is talked about all over the web for its incredibly blended formula and pairing of notes. The main notes of this cologne are pineapple, birch, and musk. Those notes alone just tell you the perfect balance that is inside the Aventus bottle.

The fans of this cologne speak like this was created by the gods, on the other side, some people believe this fragrance is way too over-hyped for what it is. My opinion is somewhere in-between, I think it is a great fragrance but everyone has their own tastes. I would give Creed Aventus a solid 8/10 in my opinion.

The performance is perfect for any occasion, I only bring it out for special events when I really want to impress someone. It will project pretty well, letting everyone know you’ve got liquid gold on. The longevity is amazing as well, lasting upwards to 14 hours on only 2 to 3 sprays on the skin.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million

The best performance in a cologne that has come out. This one will make you wonder when it will end, with a projection so powerful it be like a tsunami of fragrance hit everyone in the club. It’s a clubbing only fragrance for the man in his late 20’s and early 30’s, it will get you constant attention.

It has been mentioned Paco Rabanne has reduced the performance in their batch reformulated in 2018. That might not be too much of a bad thing, the old batch of cologne will make you known in a 10-mile radius.

You are looking at 24 hours+ for the old formula and around 14 to 16 for the new and improved formula. If you are sick and tired of fragrances with no performance, look no further.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

The ultimate summer cologne that is the #1 compliment getting fragrance for the summertime. It is almost strange at the number of reactions you will get from this cologne. Acqua Di Gio is like having a cheat code that I cannot explain. It has some very enthusiastic reviews as well, for example, “This is the best cologne in the past 2 decades.”

It is a blend of aquatic, citrus, and woody notes that create a scent that is perfect for hot weather. So many different notes, but doesn’t seem too complex to follow. It’s light, airy, refreshing, and masculine. It will definitely remind you of your favorite beaches that you have visited.

The performance is perfect for the summer heat. The projection will heat up to give off moderate silage that will have women standing close just to get a smell of it. The longevity will last you around 6 to 8 hours, just enough to last you the day at work or last the night at your favorite bar. The cologne is perfect for any occasion you have during the hot weather months.


Gucci Guilty Intense

This one is intense for sure. It is a bold strong fragrance that will make its presence known when you walk in the room. The blending of notes is very nice with notes of lavender, amber, and lemon syncing well together. It is the perfect fragrance for nightlife, because of its dark and mysterious vibe it gives off when you wear it.

I wouldn’t recommend you wear this during work or as an everyday cologne. It’s very seductive and would not fit in if you wore it during the day unless you are trying to stand out in the grocery store lines.

The projection is powerful, but the longevity can’t keep up with it. Some people have claimed it can’t even pass the 1-hour mark on their skin. That is not good. It lasted 4 hours when I had tested it, so I think their skin chemistry eats up this cologne.



What do you think are the men’s most popular colognes in 2020?


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