The Top 10 Best Long Lasting Colognes for Men

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Longevity of Colognes

The longevity of your cologne can make or break a fragrance being apart of your collection. Nothing is worse than a $80 fragrance letting you down when a beautiful woman is near or after a night out your date can’t smell it on you. You need your colognes to project even hours after spraying it because you never know what can happen.

It is usually associated that the more expensive a cologne, the longer it lasts. That is not always the case, with some colognes in the $200+ range with the performance of Axe body spray. I’m here to help you save the disappointment of spraying a cologne paid with your hard-earned cash that doesn’t live up to its hype.

Skin Chemistry

The chemistry of your skin and how it reacts to fragrance plays a major role in a colognes scent and how long it lasts. The cologne might last 8+ hours on someone and only lasts 6 hours on you. Fragrance is a very subjective thing as well, nobody has the same reaction to colognes.

Bvlgari Black

You might think Bvlgari Black smells like a tire shop, and other might think it is the greatest fragrance to ever come out.

I would suggest you go to a local fragrance shop to test out how colognes react to your skin. It might be annoying because you have to leave your home and can’t have it sent to you in 2 days without you moving. It will save you frustration in the future when you know how a cologne you’ve wanted reacts on your skin.

Cologne Formula

Some companies think they can cut costs and skimp on the quality of the ingredients they put inside the bottle. Any slightly experienced nose can determine the cheapness of a product almost instantly. It contains no depth of scent and falls flat, leaving you wondering if it was all it had to offer.

Companies change formulas when an ingredient becomes harder to find for its previous price. They start including synthetic versions of the ingredient and sometimes even removing it all together. This leaves a watered down shell of its former glory.

Keep yourself updated on a cologne before you make a purchase by using

Look through the comments to see if anyone is talking about an updated formula.


The Top 10 Best Long Lasting Colognes for Men

These colognes are not in any specific order. This is due to fragrances reacting to people’s skin differently. These however, have been known to last a long time no matter the person.

Versace Eros

A night life staple, Versace Eros brings a young vibe to the scene. It has been made a mainstream fragrance so you will notice it on someone else during a night out. That isn’t necessarily a problem, the fragrance has a smell that will never get old to women.

The longevity of this fragrance is something that cannot be ignored. This is why I put it on the list, when worn I could smell it after taking a shower the morning after. It will last you from 10 to 14 hours with only a few sprays, even longer if you sprayed it on your clothing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted 24 hours on your clothing.

Guerlain Homme Intense

This one is the opposite of Versace Eros. A mature mans fragrance with notes of alcoholic beverages like rum or mojito and the intensity of vetiver. This is the type of fragrance you wear at an upscale lounge during the night-time.

The “Intense” version of Guerlain Homme seemed to only effect the longevity of the fragrance because the difference between the original and intense’s smell are not noticeable. It will last you 10 hours easily with people mentioning it lasted them 14 hours, even the summer heat.

If you are mature man (40+), and need a fragrance that can keep up with your lifestyle. Guerlain Homme Intense is a perfect candidate for you, it has unique notes perfect for high-end night life.

Bleu de Chanel

A clean and classic fragrance that is the stereotypical fragrance you think of when describing a mans cologne. It has plenty of clones that have followed its scent profile. This makes it a cologne that is not unique in the slightest.

Sometimes you don’t need to be unique, you want to know people will enjoy the fragrance. This one is very crowd pleasing and mainstream, perfect for an office cologne.

The longevity is of course, long-lasting. It will last you all day at the office, even if you have to stay late to finish that important project you’ve been working on for weeks. Anywhere from 10 to 14 hours on sprays to your pulse points, this heats up the fragrance, making for more projection.

Azzaro Chrome Pure

This one of those hidden gems that people look over in the fragrance industry. Perfect for any age this refreshing aquatic, citrus cologne to wear during the summer months. It has a longevity usually not found in your typical summer colognes with light and refreshing notes.

The longevity will give you a solid 8 hours in the summer sun with a capability to last 14 hours if you are inside for most of the day. Give it a shot, you might not be familiar with the brand but they deserve the credit for this one.

Dior Sauvage

This one is so popular you could ask anyone in a club if they own this cologne and half the time they say yes. It’s a peppery cologne that is extremely masculine and powerful.

This one is the longest lasting one on my skin. I practically have to scrub it off my skin to make it go away the next day. You might find that as a bad thing or a good thing.

If you want to be unique steer clear of Dior Sauvage it will be very common wherever you go.

Rasasi Hawas

One of my personal all time favorite colognes on the market currently. It has the perfect balance of sweetness and masculinity that is for any age range. The notes I get from this one are slightly aquatic, citrus, cinnamon, and musk. The formula is blended perfectly making each note pop with intensity.

The performance of this has been personally put to the test by me on multiple occasions. I have worn this from night life to a day out doing errands and has held up perfectly. It lasted anywhere from 12 to 14 hours sprayed onto my skin and I had to wash my clothes to get the fragrance out that’s how long it lasts.

Angel Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

High end whiskey and fresh fruit, what could be better? That combo might have sounded weird but that is what Pure Malt is about. A mature mans cologne that is perfect for going to a restaurant or bar. This one is only appealing to the person who enjoys the smell of luxury alcohol and thought “I wish I smelled like this”.

That means this is a very love or hate cologne with only a small base of fans. But these fans are die-hard, they make it a star in their collection.

The performance is what you would expect from any on this list and you will get 12 to 14 hours out it which is more than enough. And just like whiskey, perfect for the cold months. I definitely wouldn’t wear this in spring or summer.

Paco Rabanne One Million

The best performance in a cologne that has come out in the last 2 decades. This one will make you wonder when it will end, with a projection so powerful it be like a tsunami of fragrance hit everyone in the club. A clubbing only fragrance for the man in his late 20’s and early 30’s, it will get you constant attention.

It has been mentioned Paco Rabanne has reduced the performance in their batch reformulated in 2018. That might not be too much of a bad thing, the old batch of cologne will make you known in a 10 mile radius.

You are looking at 24 hours+ for the old formula and around 14 to 16 for the new and improved formula. If you are sick and tired of fragrances with no performance, look no further.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

A summer classic that you can take from the beach to the night club. It’s aquatic, it’s fresh, and it’s Giorgio Armani’s best fragrance in my opinion. Acqua Di Gio is worn by men and women, but don’t let this push you away. Imagine a summer day on the beach sipping on a glass of fresh lemon water. Released almost 2 decades ago and people continue to make this their go-to scent year after year.

The projection of this is not so hot, it isn’t going to blow anyone away. But that is what most summer fragrances are about, to make you pleasant to be around in the summer heat. The longevity makes up for the poor projection lasting you 10 to 12 hours in the blazing sun of summer.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

A staple in Tom Ford’s private line collection that was released in 2007, with Oliver Gillotin being the nose behind it. It reminds me of One Million by Paco Rabanne in terms of its performance. Yes, it is another tsunami wave of fragrance that will have people ducking for cover. The fragrance notes are basic but Tom Ford makes them more.

The longevity is around 24 hours straight of tobacco vanilla goodness with a projection to make anyone satisfied. The price tag is a little steep, but you get what you pay for. This relates to most things in life, from cars to food everything of quality costs more.



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