The Top 10 Best Tom Ford Colognes

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Tom Ford has been a staple in the fragrance industry beginning in 2006. They have racked up 91 fragrances up to this point. Most of their fragrances have had a loyal fan base of people who wear them regularly. I would not recommend some even if they were free of charge. Tom Ford is not one to go with mainstream crowd pleasing fragrances that would appeal to everybody, and in some cases it doesn’t turn out like they wanted it to.

In this article I will be listing the top 10 fragrances that are the best out of the current fragrances. These fragrances broke the mold and became a crowd favorite with smoothly blended ingredients and crafted perfumers such as Yves Cassar and David Apel.

Let me know in the comments below, what is your favorite Tom Ford fragrance?

10. Costa Azzurra Acqua

A fresh aquatic fragrance is a rare product to stumble upon from Tom Ford. Tom Ford sticks to more strong winter fragrances with notes of tobacco or leather. This version is a tweak in the formula to the original Costa Azzurra. It is lightened the intensity leaving it more relaxed and modern, extending the sea breeze note longer and keeping it more of the focus of the fragrance. This fragrance is perfect choice for wearing in the summer, kicking your feet up on the beach with your favorite drink in hand.

The performance is what you would expect from a fresh summer fragrance, it will last you between 8 and 12 hours of longevity. You will make it through your very stressful day drinking piƱa colada’s on the beach. The projection is on the moderate side and will get you complements if someone is close to you. A all around good fragrance but is #10 for its lack of uniqueness and wow factor.

9. Oud Wood

This wood dominant fragrance has about as many wood notes as a lumber mill. It works out into an amazing fragrance that is perfect for cold winter days. If you are unfamiliar with the scent profile of Oud (or agarwood), I will give a rundown of it. It is a rich musty wood smell that has gained popularity in the past decade for perfumery’s. Its strong smell that is instantly recognizable.

Oud Wood by Tom Ford is advertised as a unisex fragrance but this is one of the most masculine smells. It shines in close quarters situations where you will be meeting new people and getting to know them. Things like dating, going to a wedding, or starting a new job. The performance of this cologne is impressive, it lasts you around 10 to 12 hours on a few sprays to the skin and as I mentioned it shines in close quarters situations as the projection is moderate.

8. Grey Vetiver

A refined modern vetiver cologne that is unlike the one’s your grandfather wears. Grapefruit is the main note that differentiates it from the rest, giving it a bitterness at the start and then settles into a soapy smell that makes it incredibly versatile from the seasons you use it in to the places you wear it at. You really can’t go wrong with this one, it has mass market appeal with a very inoffensive scent profile. Nobody I have talked to that has tried this one has had bad things to say about it.

I would say someone in their 30’s would be the best fit for this cologne which is the case for many in the Tom Ford lines because he likes to keep it very mature. The performance is average and lasts you 8 to 12 hours with a projection for the office or everyday.

7. Noir de Noir

This one is unlike the others and has a more feminine fragrance than the rest, so if you pride yourself on being a manly men I wouldn’t recommend this one to you. The main notes would be a mixture of rose and patchouli to give it a earthy, rose, and high quality fragrance. This fragrance would have been higher up on the list but the new batch has been described as watered down and not the same from its 2007 batch that was long lasting and a superstar among the industry. It still holds its own as a great fragrance but it has the potential to be a amazing fragrance.

The performance of this fragrance is above average, the projection being on the heavy side and making you more known and the longevity being around 10 to 12 hours. Keep track on what people are saying about the formula. If it is like the 2007 version you need to pick it up quickly, it is at its best.

6. Black Orchid

Just like the one above, this is a unisex fragrance right in the middle of masculine and feminine. The perfect fragrance for spring and summer. It’s been described as the Patrick Bateman from American Psycho of fragrances with its dark, expensive, sophisticated, and slightly risky. Do not judge this dark chocolate and truffle fragrance on the initial smell of the first spray. When it settles it becomes something to be admired. This is a love or hate fragrance so I would recommend checking this out in person to avoid disappointment.

The performance is something that is great about this fragrance, it can last up to 24 hours on the skin with projection that is on the heavy side. You will definitely be noticed when wearing this fragrance because of its unique scent profile that a man with no knowledge of the fragrance industry would be wearing and it will make you stand out in dating. Give this one a try, you will either find an amazing fragrance or a fragrance that will be a dud in your opinion.

5. Tom Ford for Men

A cologne that embodies Tom Ford’s image of pure class and sophistication with his intense attention to detail. A burst of ginger and mandarin orange starts this fresh fragrance off the right way. Ginger is not often used in fragrances in my experience. It works perfectly in unison with the tobacco leaf and fresh citrus.

The one knock to this cologne is its projection is very lackluster. It is a easy fix… spray yourself more times with the cologne. The longevity is still very good and will last you between 8 to 10 hours sprayed onto your skin.

4. Tobacco Vanille

You are going to be hard to miss with this, an extremely strong fragrance that cuts through the crowd. It’s dark, rich, spicy, and sweet notes that makes you smell like you are starring in a mobster movie. It is a very natural smell as if only vanilla pods and tobacco that you would smell in a unlit cigar were mixed together. The scent is very mature and I believe only a man 40+ could be able to pull it off, it is suited for cold winter months because it would be very cloying in the summer time and would just make someone nauseous

The formula of this fragrance has not changed from the original that was released in 2007 with Oliver Gillotin being the nose behind this masterpiece. The performance of it is something to be marveled, you will be filling rooms with the rich tobacco and vanilla smell that will also last you long after you need it on your skin, lasting sometimes past 24 hours.

3. Noir

Not your typical mass market cologne, it is unique and intriguing with its smoothly mixed blend of 20 or more notes that can be picked out individually with each sniff. If you are not a fan of patchouli then I would not recommend this one, it opens with the first spray with a blast to the nose with patchouli. Out of the main scent notes in this cologne the main ones you will smell without diving deep are patchouli, iris, and vanilla. I don’t have any doubts this won’t become a staple in your collection after your first spray of this stuff.

The performance is what you would expect from a Tom Ford cologne. It lasts you 12+ hours on the skin with a projection that will have people asking “what are you wearing?”. The cologne leaves a fresh out of the barber powder smell that is a universally loved smell.

2. Tuscan Leather

This is my favorite of all Tom Ford’s Private Blend fragrances that he has come out with. It has gained popularity among celebrities but still gives off a rebel vibe that allows you to express yourself. It gives off a powerful masculine leather smell that only the right man can be able to pull off. Matched with the smell of smoky leather is a smell of raspberry to help balance out the leather.

If you like to think of yourself as a masculine man that can get things done, check this one out. The cologne formula is so well blended you can smell each individual ingredient. The projection is heavy and will leave a aura of leather wherever you go with longevity to last all day.

1. Tom Ford for Men Extreme

Finally, topping the list is my favorite Tom Ford Cologne that was a love at first smell in my case. A classy, spicy, and unique cologne crafted by Oliver Gillotin, who is behind many amazing fragrances. It is very underrated in the fragrance community and I believe it needs more attention. The rugged smokiness of the fragrance is perfectly balanced to not be overpowering and offensive. The hint of citrus and fig for a freshness that is nothing like any other fragrance I have smelled.

I would use this cologne on a cool fall night out with your friends or going on a date where you want to bring out the big guns with this cologne.The cologne’s performance is balanced with nothing too over the top. As a result, the cologne with 2-3 sprays to your skin will last you 8 to 12 hours and will radiate out to someone who is a few feet away to let them know. I hope you check this one out and spread the word on what people are missing out with this hidden gem.



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