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The Top 5 Best Marc Jacobs Perfumes

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The Top 5 Best Marc Jacobs Perfumes


The Marc Jacobs Brand

The Marc Jacobs brand represents over 30 years of consistent high quality. Marc Jacobs is a true visionary, he was recognized as one, at a young age. Becoming the youngest person to receive the high honors of “New Fashion Talent” by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. He proved himself even further by winning the Women’s Designer of the Year Award, a year later.

In 2001, Marc Jacobs released his very first fragrance named “Marc Jacobs for Women”. This perfume is what started it all, creating a household name brand of perfumes known for elegance and incredible quality. The noses behind Marc Jacobs perfumes are the real stars of the show, without them…none of this could be possible.

The famous Daisy by Marc Jacobs was created by Alberto Morillas

The sophisticated scent of Decadence by Marc Jacobs was created by Annie Buzantian

The price of these perfumes can be surprising to some. How can a perfume be this affordable, and smell this good? The affordability of Marc Jacob’s perfumes are different from their handbags, which can cost over $500 for some.


The Top 5 Best Marc Jacobs Perfumes



The most well-known of all Marc Jacobs perfumes is Daisy. A soft floral perfume that shines in the spring and summer time. It’s a safe choice for any time of day. One of the few perfumes I would be fine with blind-buying without smelling it first. From work to going out with your friends, Daisy fits right in. The soft floral notes make it inoffensive to most and a hard perfume to hate.

Any woman 20+ years old should be a perfect match for this perfume.

The performance is pretty average, you will get around 4 to 6 hours before it fades away. The projection is average as well, not too powerful but also not too soft.

Daisy Dream

A light floral and blackberry perfume with a softened projection that stays close to the skin. This is for the more reserved girl who isn’t looking to make a big statement with her perfume. This is totally fine, everyone does not need to have a powerful perfume to make a statement.

Daisy Dream is a gentle perfume that perfectly incorporates jasmine with fresh crisp notes, that is like the original Daisy. This perfume however, doesn’t have the powdery smell that comes with Daisy. The fruity notes are not tropical or cheap smelling, they are fresh and vibrant without being too sweet.

The performance is the main weakness of this perfume. As I said, the projection is not for someone looking for a powerful perfume to get the attention of everyone around you within 10 feet.


Decadence is the dark and sophisticated perfume that is a change from the light perfumes that normally come from Marc Jacobs. Its bottle is a unique one, a luxury handbag including a chain as the strap. The oriental fruity notes make this a perfume to wear on special occasions, preferably during the night time.

Notes like vetiver, plum, and amber come together for a rich and sexy perfume that is quite unique. The uniqueness creates a love/hate relationship with this perfume. I wouldn’t recommend buying this perfume online before you have smelled it in person. This could save you the pain of buying a perfume you end up disliking.

The projection is one of the strongest in Marc Jacobs perfume line currently. People will be able to smell it within 6 feet of you, which can be a good or bad thing. The perfume will also last you up to 12 hours, perfect for any occasions. Cocktail parties, weddings, or just a night out, Decadence shines.

Marc Jacobs

The original Marc Jacobs perfume. It was released by Marc Jacobs in 2001, starting off a line of currently 90 fragrances in their collection. It has stayed in the top 5 of Marc Jacobs since the beginning. A mixture of white floral notes such as tuberose, jasmine, and gardenia give this a crisp and clean aroma.

It has the smell of an ageless classic, it receives compliments regularly as well.

Perfect for woman who wants to be outgoing during the spring time. The projection is more powerful than most Marc Jacobs perfumes so it may be too overpowering to some.

Daisy Eau So Fresh

A lighter,sweeter, and cleaner version of the original Daisy by Marc Jacobs. You will find yourself applying this perfume multiple times a day, it’s light and refreshing. It is also distinctive enough to stand out in public whenever someone is wearing it.

You don’t always need a upscale, complex perfumes everyday for the spring and summer. Daisy Eau So Fresh is simple, easy to wear, and it just smells amazing. It is all you need to wear during the spring and summer, doing things like shopping or walking in the park.

Eau So Fresh has eliminated the powdery smell that came with the original Daisy. Eau So Fresh opens up with aquatic-like notes that are fresh, as well as fruit notes like raspberry to keep it interesting.

I would recommend this for younger women 30 years and below.

Its performance is light. It stays close to the skin, revealing itself only in close encounters. The longevity will last you 4 to 6 hours, respraying it multiple times throughout the day will keep it fresh.


What are your top 5 favorite Marc Jacobs perfumes? 



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