The Top 5 Vera Wang Princess Review

The Top 5 Vera Wang Princess Perfume’s

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The Top 5 Vera Wang Princess Perfume’s


The Vera Wang Brand

Vera Wang was a brand started in 1990 by well… Vera Wang. She wanted to change the bridal dress scene at the time and reinvent what brides wore to their weddings. These high-end wedding dresses start at around $2,500 and can get as high as $25,000 depending on the quality and design of the dress.

In 2002, Vera decided it was time to branch out into the perfume scene. She released “Vera Wang for Women”, a floral perfume that won “Fragrance Star of the Year” by Nouveau Niche. This perfume has been discontinued since, but the floral footprint of this perfume has been set for the future of Vera Wang.

She has mentioned a lot of her perfumes have similar notes of tuberose, coconut mixtures, and mandarin orange. This combination always has the perfect balance of zesty from the citrus and the calming effect of the floral tuberose.

Vera Wang’s fragrances have been publicly praised by Hollywood celebrities such as Zoe Kravitz, Jennifer Garner, and Elizabeth Banks. Zoe Kravitz was the face of the Princess perfume during the initial release. With some of Hollywood’s celebrities giving such praise, and a affordable price tag— Vera Wang perfumes are perfect for everybody.

The Princess Perfume Line


The Vera Wang Princess line of perfumes celebrates youth and femininity with each variation. From notes of fresh guava to marshmallow each perfume has its own unique blend.

Princess has the signature heart-shaped design that matches with the romantic and elegant scents that is in each bottle.

The Top 5 Princess Perfume’s


5. Glam Princess

This is a fruity floral perfume that doesn’t get a lot of recognition in the Princess line. Its fresh guava and sweet marshmallow notes pairs perfectly with one delicious combination. If you are a fan of Britney Spears Fantasy, this perfume should be right up your alley. It has the sweet gourmand smell that is loved by many.

What I love about this perfume is the notes of cashmere wood and musk. These notes change it from your typical gourmand perfume for a more woody and dark type of scent.

The main complaint of this perfume is the unreliable longevity of it. Some people have claimed it lasts 8 hours and some have claimed it lasts for only 15 minutes. This is just one of those perfume formulas that your skin type has a major effect on.

Give this sweet unique perfume a shot if you want to try something new.

4. Preppy Princess

Preppy Princess is a soapy and fresh perfume that is a safe bet for any woman. With notes of red berries, jasmine, and wood notes this perfume is not your typical woman’s perfume. These notes offer a complex scent that is pretty incredible for its price. This perfume is perfect for any age, from teenagers to accomplished career women.

This perfume is made for just your average daily errands you need to run or when you want a affordable and a universally loved scent that people in your work will love. You won’t be blown away with any breathtaking things that this perfume will do, but it will be there to keep you smelling incredible all day long.

The performance is much better than the previous perfume. Its longevity is consistent for about 6 to 8 hours, which is a great amount for a price so inexpensive to buy.

3. Flower Princess

One of Vera Wang’s most loved perfume. It has had constant 5 star ratings ever since its release in 2006. It’s clean, floral, and very elegant that plays to the strengths of floral and tangerine notes. It is the perfect office perfume that might be a little too soft for some peoples tastes. It is a perfume that can only be smelled when someone is close to you.

The perfume’s longevity is pretty good for a perfume in the $20’s range. It will last you from the morning to the night time with no problems at all. The projection is pretty soft as I said previously, so I would take in account when you want to be more outgoing.

2. Princess Night

A sweet vanilla prominent perfume that perfectly balances sugar notes and fruity notes. By that description you would assume that this perfume would be very heavy and with a syrup-like smell to it, that’s not the case. This perfume does a great job in keeping a lightness to the scent and making it a all-seasons type of perfume.

From winter to summer, this perfume is the perfect night-time scent that any woman can wear. You will get constant compliments (personal experience) and you will stand out from the crowd of your typical night life perfume.

The performance of this perfume is the best of the Princess line, no competition. I clocked it lasting upwards of 12 hours straight with only 2-3 sprays on the skin. The projection is your typical night-life perfume strength, because you want to be able to stand out from the sea of other perfumes. Each person in a night life venue is wearing their very own fragrance. With Princess Night, people will be able to recognize that scent from anywhere.

1. Princess

The perfume that started it all. Princess by Vera Wang is a gourmand perfume that changed the landscape of modern gourmand perfumes. The usage of dark chocolate, vanilla, and guava is what makes this perfume so special. It’s sweet, light, and inoffensive, making it a choice for just about anybody looking to add a little sweetness to their collection.

This perfume is the go-to scent for women all over the world. Its inexpensive, yet has a depth that you won’t find in a gourmand perfume at this price. It has just the right amount of complexity, to keep it engaging and interesting.

The performance of this perfume is in the middle. This allows you to wear it in any situation without fear of being overpowering and cloying to the people around you. The longevity will last you around 6 to 8 hours and is easy to respray if you want to make it last into the night.


What’s your favorite Vera Wang Princess perfume?

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