The Top 7 Best Men’s Colognes for College Students

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Wearing Cologne in College

You just got accepted into college, looking to make good first impressions. You also might have already been in college and have just discovered the magic of fragrance. Wanting to turn it up to that next level. This article is for any college student who has an interest in smelling fresh and attraction.

College is a time for figuring out what your style and tastes are. You aren’t confident in your skin just yet, so having your fragrance game down can make a boost to your confidence. Knowing people will enjoy being in your presence because you smell like a million bucks. You will go through phases of change and growth where things you previously found enjoyable, they don’t have that spark anymore.

During college, you will reach an age where you start to switch from sweet youthful colognes like Versace Eros to colognes with a hint of maturity to them like Dior Sauvage.

This article will give you different styles of fragrances that can be used from going to class to going out to a party.

Let me know which cologne you wear as a college student in the comments below.


Night Life Cologne

When it comes to college, it’s not hard to stand out against the rest of the guys. Everyone is wearing the same cheap fragrances found in the Walmart fragrance aisle. Some guys even go as low as wearing Axe body spray; this is a no-no after you leave middle school.

I’m not saying you need to be buying costly fragrances like Creed or Tom Ford. You need to put a little more investment into a cologne that you know is of higher quality.

Below are a few of my college nightlife staples.


1. Mont Blanc Individuel

A combination of over 15 scent notes composing this fresh and spicy cologne. Some of the centerpieces of this cologne are raspberry, cinnamon, sandalwood, and dark chocolate. The fragrance is perfect for a night out at a higher-end bar, not the typical college bar where it smells like a toilet bowl.

The performance is on the lighter side for a typical nightlife cologne. It will still be noticed but not being obnoxiously powerful or offensive smelling with its notes. I can guarantee you if you ask someone in the bar/club what they think about it, they will say they love it.

It is not your cologne people come across regularly, so they will be surprised.

2. Versace Eros

This one is a classic that I recommend to people the most when it comes to nightlife. It has been tested and proven to be a hit wherever you go to. It is a sweet and youthful cologne that can be worn by even into their 30’s if they have the attitude to match. The main notes you will get from this sweet perfume are mint, apple, and vanilla. There is a little musk in there to give it that masculine edge.

The performance is that of your typical clubbing cologne, powerful and long-lasting. You will not have a problem being noticed by women who will come up to you and ask what you are wearing. It’s a quite popular cologne, so don’t be surprised if you can smell it on someone else at the club. You both know the secret to clubbing success.

3. Armaf Club De Nuit Intense

This one is a toned-down version of Paco Rabanne’s “1 Million” which is a super powerful cologne that can be quite obnoxious. 1 Million can be saved for the stereotypical college guy who doesn’t know much about fragrance. Club De Nuit is spicy and creamy with a performance that is perfect for any occasion during the night. It even has the word “Club” in the name, so you know I had to include it in this list.

The price is perfect for a college student who wants something similar to 1 Million but for about half the price. It has the same effect as any clubbing fragrance, but with a price tag, you will love.

Give it a try if you want a fragrance that stands out.

Classroom Cologne

Fragrances you wear in the classroom need to be as inoffensive as possible. You will be a couple of feet away from people sitting down during a lecture. You don’t want a fragrance so strong people are putting their shirt over their nose. These colognes will be the same as what you would wear in an office setting, just a little more youthful.

The most important part of a cologne used in a school setting is the projection. It can be the perfect composition of notes, but if it is too strong, it becomes a distraction to people. Colognes like Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille would make people not be able to think of anything else but that massive wave of odor.

1. L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

A calm and relaxing cologne with a hint of spice from ginger and peppercorn. It has a similarity to a very luxurious bar of soap with the freshness of it. The projection is perfect for a classroom setting, and it sits close to the skin, leaving a slight aroma. It’s light and refreshing enough to be worn in summer and with sweet and woodsy notes for the cold of winter.

It can be a go-to “close encounters” cologne that you use in any situation you will be close to people for a long time — things like office work, classrooms, public transport, concerts, or libraries.

This one was my personal go-to for a while.

2. El Cielo by Armaf

The hidden gem of the list. This is a summer citrus aromatic cologne with performance perfect for the classroom or office. This one is for the younger college student who can still rock youthful fragrances. El Cielo has fruit notes as well that you don’t smell in the fragrances made for older men. It has been compared to the cologne Paco Rabanne’s “Invictus.”

Notes of melon, vanilla, and lavender may sound like a fragrance for women, but it still turns out to be masculine.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive fragrance to start your freshman or sophomore year, El Cielo is your guy. It still can be used for nightlife; it just won’t have the impact of stronger cologne.


3.Coach for Men

A unique spicy fragrance that is a true compliment getting cologne. Coach has a deep wood and pear scent that works perfectly in unison together. It doesn’t have that synthetic smell that comes with colognes with suede notes. It smells very high quality, and everyone around me seems to agree as well when you wear it.

The performance is a perfect balance in the middle, which makes it both a classroom and a nightlife fragrance. It is very inoffensive and an ideal choice every time. The longevity is lacking during the summer and will only last you 6 hours, during the colder months it will last you up to 10 hours. Something in the formula can’t take the heat.

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