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The Travelers Guide to Women’s Perfume

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The Travelers Guide to Women’s Perfume

Travel. It brings some of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. Seeing new places and cultures can open your eyes to the world in so many ways. From a road trip to a international flight, you will always take something from your travels. Having something as simple as a perfume you brought from home can keep a sense of calm in the chaos that travel sometimes brings. Bringing perfumes on your trip can be stress-free once you learn the precautions in the travelers guide to women’s perfume.

In this article, I will teach you how to keep your perfumes safe from damage. We all know the luggage handlers throw our luggage like they are doing the Olympic shot put event. I will also give some recommendations for a few of the top travel destinations to give you a feel of what to bring to different places.

Your perfume selections should be different from places like the conservative Seoul, South Korea to the endless party of Bangkok, Thailand. These tips will help you blend in to what the locals are doing and not be out-of-place.

I will also give advice if you buy any new perfumes on your travels. It can be really exciting smelling foreign perfumes that are not sold in your country. You can see the difference of cultures from just a smell of a perfume. Some might have a more wood dominant fragrances, while others have very feminine floral scents that are sweet.

I will give a warning however, if you are traveling to an Asian country. The perfumes found in the markets are typically not the original formula from the brand. They are made with lesser ingredients trying to pass off as the original. They do it with a variety of things from shoes to watches. This is just something to be mindful of, I have seen very unhappy people because of this.


Air Travel

On-Flight Tips

So you just boarded a flight to a beautiful destination you’ve been waiting for. Here are some tips to make the flight more enjoyable for you and the people around you as well.

  1. Wear your most inoffensive perfume you own. You never know the allergies a fellow passenger might have. You are in a closed vehicle with very little air circulation.
  2. Remember the TSA rules that prohibit carrying-on anything more than 3.4 ounces per container.
  3. Put the perfume in a zip-lock bag or wrap them in a pair of socks. Just in case there is a leak while someone is putting their bag into the overhead space above you.
  4.  Put your favorite perfume in a plastic travel-size atomizer.

Travel-Size Atomizers

Travel-size atomizers relieve a lot of headaches. Lasting you from 1 to 2 weeks it’s just enough for most vacations getaways. No broken glass bottles, no leaking all in your suitcase, and no money down the drain.

DO NOT spray this while you are in the air. The air pressure will cause it to make a mess everywhere.

My personal favorite is the Travalo Perfume Atomizer.

Here is a how-to on filling up this product.


How to Protect Your Perfume Bottles in Suitcases

Nothing is worse than having a perfume bottle’s glass break or the nozzle break, giving you a suitcase full of perfume. Your clothes will never have that perfume smell come out. There are a few things you can do to ensure you don’t add any more stress added to your trip.

You must wrap up the bottle. Socks, bubble wrap, plastic bags, or some of your clothing are some good options to protect the bottle. Putting it in a shoe will add some additional protection, if you don’t trust the luggage handlers.

Put the bottle in a zip lock bag, it will contain the perfume if it breaks.


Travel Destination Recommendations

Rome, Italy

A city rich of history. This travel destination usually includes lots of sightseeing to famous places, such as the Colosseum and St.Peter’s Basilica. My recommendation is to wear a timeless classic perfect for roaming around the city seeing the monuments. Rome has typically high temperatures throughout the summer time that can reach up to 95 degrees.

My recommendation for this location would be the Italian made Acqua Di Gioia.

Acqua Di Gioia


New York City, New York

A chaotic city like no other. The city has something going on at any time of the day. The cultures of the world all come together in this massive city with a vibrant culture, making for a incredible food scene. Most travelers take on New York City during the summer time to avoid the brutal winters that New Yorkers have to go through.

To find peace in the chaos my pick for New York City is Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle.

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

Istanbul, Turkey

A city of cultural significance dating back thousands of years. Home of the Grand Bazaar, a shopping market of over 4,000 different shops. The Grand Bazaar is the #1 visited tourist attraction in all of the world. The architectural wonders of this city is enough to keep you busy for weeks.

My recommendation is something natural smelling that blends in with the locals. Balenciaga’s Rosabotanica is my choice.

Florabotanica by Balenciaga

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A city known for its beautiful beaches and the famous Christ The Redeemer statue, standing a incredible 100 foot tall. This statue overlooks all of Rio. The temperatures can be brutally hot. You want to keep the perfumes light and refreshing for the intense hot temperatures that Rio has. Make sure as well to bring a antiperspirant that will keep your sweat in check.

My recommendation for the hot, but beautiful days at the beach is Hawaii Volcano by Alexandria Fragrances

Hawaii Volcano by Alexandria Fragrances

Bangkok, Thailand

The only way I can describe this city, is a nonstop party. People partying till the sun comes up isn’t a rare, and the amazing street food is something that needs to be experienced. During the day, you can visit the beautiful grand palace or take a trip to see the beautiful waterfalls that Thailand is home to.

The weather is hot pretty much all year round, this means you can pack your summer perfumes at any time of year when visiting Thailand.

My recommendation is Envy Me by Gucci

Envy Me by Gucci

Seoul, South Korea

A conservative city with technology that will leave you speechless. Thee people of South Korea are very weary of foreigners so I recommend something that will not draw too much attention to you. Korean beauty is a billion dollar industry that will continue to grow, the products they release are like nowhere else.

Korean perfumes are usually very feminine with bright pink packaging and sweet scents. South Korea’s top used brand of perfume is Chanel. This is why I recommend Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel for South Korea.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

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