What Men's Colognes Do Women Love?

What Men’s Colognes Do Women Love?

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What Men’s Colognes Do Women Love?

This is a question that a lot of guys have on their mind. They wonder things like, “will this cologne smell good to that gorgeous girl in class?” Or, they are trying to get the attention of their coworker who they have been admiring from a distance. Finding what men’s colognes women love can be a hard task for the beginner.

In this article I will be giving you the secret of what men’s colognes women love the most, based on personal experience and polls.

What Type of Colognes Do Women Like?

Colognes can be tricky to pick out that you like and what other people will like as well. Everybody’s sense of smell is different and will focus on some fragrance notes stronger than others. But, luckily some colognes just have that special “it” factor and everybody will love the smell no matter their preferences. These are very rare to come across, but they show the true talent of a perfumer.

A common misconception is the price of the cologne will effect how much someone will enjoy the smell of it…This just isn’t true. I’ve seen better results with a $33 dollar cologne than I have with a $145 dollar cologne when it comes to getting compliments from women.

Types of Colognes Depending on Age

Age plays a big role in what is more appealing to women. What appeals to college students is very different to what will impress mature people, so choose your colognes accordingly.

Do you think she would do this if he smelled bad?

College students seem to love the sweeter colognes such as Versace Eros or Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male.  These are sweet and seductive colognes that are winners when you go out in nightlife.

Mature men should be wearing colognes that are more masculine and have spicy fragrance notes. Some examples of these colognes could be Vikor & Rolf’s Spicebomb or Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather.

In this article I will also be giving examples of colognes that have no age barrier when it comes to women loving it. You can wear these colognes at any age and have women complimenting you.

The Top 7 Best Men’s Colognes That Women Like

Creed Aventus

Creed is the best luxury brand to ever hit the shelves. With a rich family history and countless amazing colognes, Creed is always the right choice. This cologne is talked about all over the web for its incredibly blended formula and pairing of notes. The main notes of this cologne are pineapple,birch, and musk. Those notes alone just tells you the perfect balance that is inside the Creed Aventus bottle.

The fans of this cologne speak like this was created by the gods, on the other side some people believe this fragrance is way too over-hyped for what it is. My opinion is somewhere in-between, I think it is a great fragrance but everyone has their own tastes. I would give Creed Aventus a solid 8/10 in my opinion.

The performance is perfect for any occasion, I only bring it out for special events when I really want to impress someone. It will project pretty well, letting everyone know you’ve got liquid gold on. The longevity is amazing as well, lasting upwards to 14 hours on only 2 to 3 sprays on the skin.

In this by Jeremy Fragrance you can see the reactions that women have to Creed Aventus.

Versace Eros

Eros in Greek mythology is the God of lust and love, which fits perfectly for this fragrance. A go-to for many club goers looking for a fragrance to match the setting. It opens with sweet mint with a little spice that dries down into vanilla and tonka bean. I would recommend this to the younger audience that is looking to grab attention of women from the crowd with powerful fragrances.

The performance is what you would expect from a powerful club fragrance, its projection will knock your sense of smell out… if you aren’t careful with the amount of sprays you apply. The longevity will last you all night no matter how many clubs you go to in one night you can trust it to last as long as you want. It has been said to sometimes last up to 24 hours which is more than enough.

Dior Sauvage

A very popular cologne since its release by Christian Dior. Released in 2015, this cologne is by far the most popular on this list. You can smell this quite often in public. But, this cologne is popular for a reason…the compliments from women. It is the ultimate crowd-pleasing cologne that is pretty much universally loved by everyone.

The spicy notes of sichuan pepper and pink pepper combined with lavender make this a match made in heaven. It is perfect for anything from nightlife to daily office wear. When you don’t know what to wear, this is your cologne. You can expect to receive compliments with this cologne on a daily basis.

The performance is amazing for this cologne. It will last you 12 hours and more with just a few sprays on your skin. The projection is something that needs to be controlled, you don’t want to spray the same amount from nightlife to your work place. It can be noticed with ease with around 4 to 5 sprays on you. 2 or 3 sprays is enough for the work place, anymore and you are starting to tread on dangerous waters.

Acqua Di Gio

The ultimate summer cologne that is the #1 compliment getting fragrance for the summer time. It is almost strange at the amount of reactions you will get from this cologne. Acqua Di Gio is like having a cheat code in a video game. It has some very enthusiastic reviews as well, for example

“This is the best cologne in the past 2 decades.”- James C

It is a blend of aquatic, citrus, and wood notes that create a scent that is perfect for hot weather. So many different notes, but doesn’t seem too complex to follow. It’s light, airy, refreshing, and masculine. It will definitely remind you of your favorite beaches that you have visited.

The performance is perfect for the summer heat. The projection will heat up to give off a moderate silage that will have women standing close just to get a smell of it. The longevity will last you around 6 to 8 hours, just enough to last you the day at work or last the night at your favorite bar. The cologne is perfect for any occasion you have during the hot weather months.


First Instinct by Abercrombie & Fitch

Remember when I said that a $33 dollar cologne got more compliments than an expensive one? This is the cologne that can beat multiple expensive colognes with its quality. First Instinct has notes of melon, tonic water, and gin. This makes it a sweet fragrance that appeals to the younger audience who love playful and exciting colognes.

First Instinct is perfect for college students or high school students who are looking for an inexpensive cologne to wear on dates or going out to bars during nightlife.

The performance is perfect for the summer heat. The projection will heat up to give off a moderate silage that will have women standing close just to get a smell of it. The longevity will last you around 6 to 8 hours, just enough to last you the day at work or last the night at your favorite bar. The cologne is perfect for any occasion you have during the hot weather months.

Mont Blanc Individuel

Looking for an outside the box cologne that makes you different from the mainstream?

A combination of over 15 scent notes composing this fresh and spicy cologne. Some of the center pieces of this cologne are raspberry, cinnamon, sandalwood, and dark chocolate. The fragrance is perfect for someone who is looking to smell very good and give off a high-class aroma. This cologne is not something you will

The performance is on the lighter side for a cologne, perfect for any occasion you are in. It will still be noticed but not being obnoxiously powerful or offensive smelling with its notes. I can guarantee you if you ask someone in the bar/club what they think about it, they will say they love it.

It is not your typical cologne people come across regularly so they will be surprised. The combination of these notes will have people trying to figure out what it smells like.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

You are going to be hard to miss with this, an extremely strong fragrance that cuts through the crowd. It’s dark, rich, spicy, and sweet notes that makes you smell like you are starring in a mobster movie. It is a very natural smell as if only vanilla pods and tobacco that you would smell in a unlit cigar were mixed together.

The scent is mature and is perfect for men in their 30’s and 40’s, it is perfectly suited for cold winter months because it would be very cloying in the summer time and would just make someone nauseous.

Women love the rich smell of this cologne and the common compliment is how manly you smell while wearing it.

The formula of this fragrance has not changed from the original that was released in 2007 with Oliver Gillotin being the nose behind this masterpiece. The performance of it is something to be marveled, you will be filling rooms with the rich tobacco and vanilla smell that will also last you long after you need it on your skin, lasting sometimes past 24 hours.

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