What Perfumes in 2019 Do Celebrities Wear?

What Perfumes Do Celebrities Wear?

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What Perfumes Do Celebrities Wear?


Perfumes of the Rich and Famous

Every celebrity is looking for that perfect perfume to boost their image. They look for the latest and greatest perfume in hopes of finding the perfect match. Celebrities are known for their exotic tastes, luxury lifestyle, and being in a constant spotlight. So, what perfumes do celebrities wear? What if I told you, even the most popular celebrities are wearing inexpensive perfumes.

If a perfume has a incredible scent it doesn’t matter what the price-tag is. Some perfumes that are only $20 dollars have better reviews than a perfume that is over $300 dollars. It is all about your personal preference and which type of perfumes best fit your personality. The perfumes of reality TV star Kylie Jenner won’t be the same as the perfumes of Oprah Winfrey.

I will tell you a secret, most celebrities don’t wear their own perfume lines. Check out this amazing website with 100’s of celebrities and what perfumes they love to wear. The owner of this site has been building the database for almost 20 years now. On the list, you can see Kim Kardashian loves the Micheal Kors perfumes over her own perfume line.

Below are some of the shocking brands that celebrities enjoy. These are common brands that you wouldn’t expect a movie star to be wearing when you think of celebrity perfume’s.

Top Brands Celebrities Wear

  • La Vie Est Belle


  • Tom Ford


  • Dolce & Gabbana


  • Viktor & Rolf 


  • Marc Jacobs


Perfumes of the Top Female Celebrities


Ariana Grande


One of Ariana Grande’s favorite perfumes (other than her own, of course) is No.9 by Trish Mcevoy. This perfume has a basic note make-up of blackberries, vanilla, and a hint of musk in it.

The blackberry note is one of the most realistic you can find on the market. It has that fresh and ripe smell, like they had been just picked off the tree minutes earlier. The vanilla, musk, and cashmere wood give it a earthy and luxurious scent that constantly gets compliments from people. There’s no wonder why this is Ariana Grande’s favorite perfume.

The performance is great as well. You will get up to 10 hours of longevity with a projection that should be used for work or daily perfume wear.

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez can do it all. She can act, sing, and model. But, even with all the fame and talent she still sticks with the basics when it comes to perfume. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh is a inexpensive perfume with an incredible scent.

It is a fresh scent mixing raspberry, violet, pear, and citrus just to name a few of the notes. If you are a fan of clean smelling perfumes, this is for you. It has that “just out of the shower” type of smell to it.

This updated version of Daisy doesn’t have the powdery smell that can make it hard to stand in the summer time. This perfume was made just for the summer and spring time. It keeps you smelling fresh all day long with a moderate projection that is the perfect amount.

Kylie Jenner

Representing and supporting her sisters brand, Kylie Jenner has mentioned she wears Kim Kardashian for women. Now, like I said previously that could have possibly just been a advertisement for her sister.

The perfume is a heavy floral with light notes of citrus and musk for added depth. It is a great perfume for its price and was a surprise when I first smelled it and saw the price tag.

The price-tag is shown in the complexity of this perfume, it can smell very one-sided. Gardenia should be a note you like if you want to purchase this perfume, because you get about 80% of that note.

All in all, I give this perfume a 7/10 and a great inexpensive option to add to your perfume collection. It’s an easy to wear perfume that is fine at any time of day and any season.

Mila Kunis


Now this is a perfume you would expect a celebrity to own on their shelf in their home. It’s cost is something that I feel is worth it once you smell this perfume for the first time. Spicy, floral, and smoky is how I would describe this perfume in 3 words. The notes of rose, patchouli, and incense work together to create a amazing harmony.

The quality of the blending can be recognized instantly compared to other perfumes. It just smoother when you smell it compared to other perfumes. I can see why Mila Kunis loves this perfume so much, it has everything you want in a quality perfume.

The best part about this perfume is the performance of it. The longevity of it will last you longer than you will ever need to have, the projection will let people know within 6 feet what you are wearing if you aren’t careful with how many sprays you do. This has also been revealed to be Madonna’s favorite scent as well.

Lots of high praise from celebrities for this perfume.

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is a reality TV star that has become a international icon. Her impact on the fashion and fragrance scene is huge and that’s why she has a spot on this list.

Her favorite perfume is the Micheal Kors perfume that is the perfect versatile perfume. It can be used from night time in the winter to the day time in the summer. It is a white floral perfume with a few added notes such as musk and cashmere wood give this perfume a wonderful earthy smell. You will have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t love this perfume.

Its got a heavy projection that is powerful. It has the projection of a perfume that costs 4x the price. The longevity is around 8 hours of a incredible smelling aroma.



Beyoncé is in love with a not-so-familiar perfume. Caron’s Fleur De Rocaille is a name you don’t hear often in the perfume community. It is a beautiful fragrance that stars lilac and ylang-ylang to give you a complex scent that was revolutionary for its release in 1934…that’s right 1934.

You can no longer find the original formula that was created in 1934, but the modern version still gives it justice. They added synthetic ingredients to make the perfume more affordable for everyone.

Its performance is subtle yet, long lasting. You will not blow anyone away with the strength of the perfume, rather the incredible smell it gives off. The longevity is around 6-8 hours and sometimes 12+ depending on your skin chemistry.


Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is a American actress, singer, and model who is a international superstar known around the world. She has a collection of 23 fragrances that are some of the most popular celebrity fragrances in the world.

Her favorite perfume has surprised me. She loves Creed’s Tuberose Indiana, which is a simple perfume that uses the highest quality ingredients and masterful perfumers. The star of the show is the Indiana Tuberose, which is a exotic type of tuberose. It is also paired with ambergris and vanilla for a perfect perfume.

The performance is what you would expect from a Creed perfume. It is incredibly long-lasting and has a very large projection that you will need to be careful with. It can become overpowering quite easily.


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