Where Should Perfume/Cologne Be Stored?

Where Should Perfume/Cologne Bottles Be Stored?

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Where Should Perfume/Cologne Bottles Be Stored?

You clicked on this article for a reason.

You want to know how to keep your fragrances smelling exactly the same from the first spray to the last of the bottle.

Inside each fragrance bottle is a carefully crafted formula that someone took hours and hours of testing to create. The perfumers of fragrances make sure each note is blended together beautifully with each other.

Nothing could be worse than turning a elegant and sophisticated scent into a smell that can be compared to soap you use to wash dishes with. I’ve had this happen to me before by putting a fragrance in my car in the summer heat. Let’s just say I was not too happy with the fragrance that was a shell of its former self.

Now that you’ve heard my horror story, let’s check out what you need to know about protecting your fragrances.

Avoiding Light

Light, specifically sunlight can cause major damage to your precious fragrances. The sun’s UV rays alter the molecules in your favorite fragrance, leading to a more alcohol and bitter smell.

Artificial light really doesn’t make much of a different to your fragrance composition, even if it had an effect, it would be so unnoticeable to even care about it.

Keep those bottles hidden from the sunlight like a vampire.

Avoiding Extreme Temperature

Temperatures play a even bigger role in your fragrance formulas longevity. From temperatures that are too high to temperatures that are too low, you need to find a good in-between.

Under hot conditions, the fragrances color can turn a cloudy and unappealing color. The scent of the overheated fragrance can turn sour and musty, making you consider throwing it away.

Under very cold conditions, the water that is in the fragrance can crystallize and cause the fragrance to become stronger. The lack of water diluting the formula causes a straight-shot of the liquid notes in the bottle.


However, cold conditions are always better than hot ones when it comes to fragrances. You need to be in freezing cold weather to have an effect on the formula, and when the ice crystals thaw you will be back to the original scent.

One Last Thing. Don’t keep your fragrances in your bathroom. The hot and cold of you turning on those steaming hot showers or bath can cause damage to the fragrances.


So…Where Do You Store It?

So here’s where I tell you where perfume/cologne bottles should be stored.

The best spots to store your fragrances are in a room-temperature location that has no direct sunlight. I store my fragrances in a shelf that I have installed on my bedroom wall.

It’s convenient and I like to think it gives me an established look whenever someone visits. What’s more of a power-move than having your very own fragrance shelf with years of fragrance collecting on display.

If you want to keep a fragrance in your car, I would buy a travel-size atomizer. It’s an easy way to make sure your large and expensive fragrance bottles stay away from the blistering heat of a car.

If you want to pick up your very own perfume shelf, here are my favorites.





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