What Colognes Are Similar to Creed Aventus

Which Colognes Are Similar To Creed Aventus?

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Which Colognes Are Similar To Creed Aventus?


We all love Creed Aventus, but most can’t say the same about the hefty price-tag.

A 1.7 oz bottle can run you upwards of $325…that’s the equivalent of 65 Big Mac’s from McDonald’s.

The price-tag makes purchasing Aventus a big investment, it takes some thought to dish out $325 for a 1.7oz bottle of cologne. You might as well consider it liquid gold in a bottle.

But what if I told you that it would be possible to have almost theĀ exact same scent, performance, and complimentsā€”for a fraction of the price.

Brands have been getting closer and closer to cracking the code of what makes Creed Aventus so great. The fresh pineapple, the birch wood, and warm musky notes, blended together smoothly.

The colognes I will be recommending are so close in scent, only a person with lots of experience could tell. Only about 1% of people have spent the actual time to research perfumes that closely. You will be surprised when you smell these colognes for the first time, it is almost like you just got an instant cash-back in life.


The Top 4 Best Colognes That Are Similar to Creed Aventus


Club de Nuit by Armaf

The pineapple, the birch wood, and the musk all in a cologne for only $30? Armaf’s Club de Nuit is the perfect alternative to Creed Aventus for an incredible price point. They only difference you will get with this cologne is the lemon note that plays a role in the formula. The lemon adds a freshness that Aventus just doesn’t have.

I’ll admit, this cologne isn’t as refined and sophisticated as Aventus. They can’t possibly use the highest quality ingredients at the price of only $30. But, if you aren’t a total fragrance snob you can hardly even tell the difference and I assure you the majority of people won’t either. The compliments might be even more than what you would get with Aventus.

The performance is very similar to Aventus. A pretty strong projection that will get noticed, but not too horrible where it will cause the people in the room to not be able to breathe. The longevity is also long-lasting, you will get around 12 hours.

This would be my first choice, if someone asked me for an inexpensive alternative to Aventus.

Rumz Al Rasasi by Rasasi

A less synthetic version of the previous cologne listed. It has a more natural feeling to it when you smell it. All the signature main notes of Aventus are all there, blended to perfection. It opens up with a fresh smell of pineapple and lime that then dries down in to a cedar wood scent that is hard to resist.

This scent is more of a strictly hot weather and daytime cologne. The lack of smoky notes in this cologne make it unfit for nightlife or winter wear. It doesn’t have that harsh opening that Aventus has when you first spray it on your skin.

The performance is even better than Aventus, the projection is very powerful and is hard to miss. I could smell this cologne from about 10 feet away from where I test sprayed it. The longevity will last you around 12 hours, perfect for a work-use cologne.

Give this perfect fresh summer cologne a try if you want to breakout from the typical scene of summer cologne’s.

Vibrant Leather by Zara

A simply crafted fragrance with limited notes in it. The main and only three notes that make up Vibrant Leather is bergamot, bamboo, and leather. These three notes is all it takes to create a amazing composition in a fragrance. The opening is fruity and zesty that transitions into the deep bamboo smell that then finishes with the leather note. I would guess it has about a 80% resemblance to what Creed Aventus smells like.

This cologne is very versatile and can be worn at any time of day and at any time of the year. The cologne is less harsh than Aventus and is a softer smell. It is definitely a crowd-pleasing scent that will be hard to find someone who dislikes it.

The main con of this cologne is the longevity. Most of Zara’s fragrances have poor longevity associated with them. You will get anywhere from 4 to 6 hours depending on how your skin reacts to it. The projection is pretty soft and will a few more sprays than normal to have something that projects how you like it.


Insurrection Pure 2 by Reyane

This is an absolute steal for the money. It has all the makeup of Creed Aventus, without the huge price tag. I couldn’t believe this wasn’t Aventus when I got a smell of this. The opening has that Aventus signature pineapple smell that is very fresh and pleasant. The birch wood comes in shortly after to balance it out.

You will get a slightly synthetic smell once the opening notes have died down. It is nothing horrible to smell, it just doesn’t have that natural smell to the notes like Creed does. I had a friend recommend mixing this and Club de Nuit with a natural pineapple fragrance. Declaring this scent will put Creed out of business. I never got around to trying it but if you are looking for a very similar smelling cologne I would give that a shot.

The performance is below average on this cologne. You won’t be blowing anybody away with the projection or being amazed by how long it lasts on your skin. You will get around 8 to 10 hours of longevity with this cologne and a projection that is what I would consider to be just average. Nothing amazing and nothing terrible.

Check out this steal and you will never need to consider buying Creed Aventus again.



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